NEW YORK, NY :: COMMON SENSE IN THE KITCHEN // first week of culinary school, learning the do’s and do nots


Culinary school started and my friends were eager to live vicariously through me. During the first week I was asked the same three questions:

  • “What did you make today?”
  • “Was it difficult?”
  • “Was it delicious?”

My response was a little disappointing considering we spent the first week of school learning about sanitation & general kitchen knowledge (food identification, herb & spice reviews, etc).

Top 3 Kitchen Tips:

  • Wash your hands with burning hot water & soap BEFORE, DURING and AFTER kitchen duties.
  • When passing a knife, put it down on the table. Do not pass it by hand.
  • Always say, “BEHIND” when walking behind someone in a kitchen.


As for the general knowledge portion… do you recognize any of these herbs and spices (click on the photos for a better view)?

Tune in Sunday for the follow up post to Common Sense in the Kitchen and comment below with some of your helpful kitchen tips!

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