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When I was little I was constantly walking in and out of the kitchen. I wasn’t there to help… I didn’t stay to inquire about the dish-making process…

I was solely there for the food.

Can you relate to this? Yes? No? Maybe-so?

Being the youngest of the family, I was given “meal previews” to hold me over until dinner time; sometimes my parents would serve me a juicy dumpling straight from the pan, a tender piece of BBQ’ed spare ribs from the oven, a crispy piece of roast beef skin, a small portion of fish from the skillet, or a small bowl of soup with the promise of an internal cleansing power.

As I embraced this self-proclaimed role as the family taste-tester, I stayed far away from the flames and did my best (although unsuccessful) to wait for the completed dish at the table.

See how I avoided kitchen activity for a majority of my lifetime below:

  • At age 21I may or may not have used my oven as a storage rack for binders at my college apartment.
  • At age 22, I continued to avoid kitchens at all cost by ordering dinner at restaurants with friends or eating/re-heating food made by Mama Ma.
  • At age 23, I moved to a foreign country on my own and learned that raw eggshells cannot wait until tomorrow to be thrown out.
  • At age 24, I picked up an eggplant and learned how to cut it.
  • At age 25, I started asking questions about how a dish is made.
  • At age 26, I began to appreciate the culture behind the cuisine as I ate my way around the globe.
  • At age 27, I wanted to become part of the cooking process.

So yeah that’s my story and if you’re reading my blog, I’m sure you can relate to it some way or another! So just visit the links above (btw “at age 23” has nothing to do with raw eggs… LOL), laugh a little and then follow me via to watch me grow.

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