NEW YORK, NY :: BREAK FROM THE BOOKS // googling vitamix models instead of studying #whatever


Hi Friends! Just taking a break from the books to let you know what’s going on in my mind – basically, I’ve been flipping through pages and pages and more pages of food knowledge over the past few days; some parts are intense, scientific, and fun, while other parts are standard and factual.

After re-reading through my material, I started to re-think my format. Initially I wanted to write about culinary school (Wednesday), followed up by a culinary experience (Sunday)… but then I realized… I just want to write (in general).

I don’t want to be limited. There’s way too much to talk about.

I don’t want a format. I change my mind way too often for that.

I just want to write whatever is on my mind. This is how I  function.

I’ll stick to the Wednesday/Sunday posts because I think it’s gives you guys enough time to visit, read, comment, share, etc.; but there’s so much I want to tell you, so check back EVERYDAY and I promise to share the goods!

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PS: I want a VitaMix and I can’t stop thinking about which model to buy (I even started a thread that is 14 comments (and counting) long):

PPS: If you’re contemplating whether or not to buy this $500.00 blender that’s so totally worth it from what I hear… here’s a vitamix-comparison-chart

Which model would you buy? Leave it in the comments for me… #stillnotstudying

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