NEW YORK, NY :: KITCHEN ARTS & LETTERS BOOKSTORE // my days off are just an excuse for me to extend my food research to the upper east side, xmas list just got longer


Do you ever have days where you have the choice to do whatever you want? No schedule? No appointments? No work?

Days like those are rare for me, but today was one of them.

I could have easily slept in until dinner time, but I decided that I was going to be productive.

I met with a friend for chai tea at 12pm, ran a few errands and was done by 3pm.

So I thought to myself, where do I always want to go, but never seem to get there? And that’s when it hit me… Kitchen Arts & Letters

It’s basically a bookstore for food enthusiasts. You walk in and it feels like you’re home. It’s a small space, filled to the brim with rare, out-of-print cookbooks as well as brand new books that you just want to dive into.

I’ll admit I had a Belle moment (yes the Beauty & the Beast Belle); I understood her passion for books, the excitement, the energy- I was in love with the food photography, the Chefs, the recipes, the weight of the book, the covers…

Every book in that store amazed me. Even a book called White Trash Cooking.

So I don’t know how to put this, but my Christmas List just got significantly longer… #hopemyfamilystillreadsmyblog

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  • Christina_Does

    Cute! I live on UES, what are the cross streets? 

    • littlemisslocal

      94th and Lex! This bookstore has been around for a while and I hope it stays that way Christina! Google it if you have trouble but it was super easy to find… and let me know what you think after you visit :)