NEW YORK, NY :: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 // defining justine, re-evaluating my goals, living in a place of possibility


On New Years Day, I was asked to hold up a blank piece of paper for a photo shoot. On that blank piece of paper, I was told that my new years resolution would be reflected in the white space.

As my photo was being snapped, I started to rattle off different goals and ideas that came to mind… but my friend/photographer looked me gently in the eye and said, “Justine… it has to fit on this paper.”

MY GOALS FOR 2013? #BakersDozen #13

  1. Apply for a JBF culinary scholarship.
  2. Write a book proposal.
  3. Work as a paid food/travel writer.
  4. Maintain a healthy work & personal life balance.
  5. Build positive relationships in the culinary/food media industry.
  6. Accept a paid food media position (that I am passionate about) with salary/benefits.
  7. Take a Class on SEO Skills for
  8. Be able to decide when an opportunity is beneficial to my personal growth.
  9. Take risks: “The only way to not get criticized is to not do anything.”
  10. Be Bikini Fit: Find the time to spin, practice yoga, & commit to cardio every week
  11. Get 1,000 followers on Facebook & Twitter
  12. Embrace all aspects of Health + Wellness (food, exercise, knowledge)
  13. Film & post 12 videos to YouTube for

OVERALL: 2012 was a wonderful year of self-discovery & learning. Now that a year has passed, 2013 is dedicated to turning my education and experiences into a life of possibility.

And to remind myself of the positivity 2013 brings, I will write myself a note every time I feel accomplished or taking steps towards my goal(s), place it in a jar, and then I’ll open them on January 1, 2014. What do you want to see in your 2013 jar?



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  • Wow! I love reading your resolutions for 2013: you sound so much more self aware than you were in the past and I am really proud of you. I wish you can tick off most of these from your list, as you always work so hard and do your best to reach your goals.