NEW YORK, NY :: JBF SOUTHERN FLAIR DINNER // feat. felicia suzanne, anne kearny & bbq master nick vergios at the jbf house


When I walked into the JBF kitchen, I was happy to see a team full of women: Chef Felicia Suzanne, Chef Anne Kearney and their friend Leslie Skelton.

After unpacking ingredients and some light prep work, Chef Felicia asked me to join them for a market run.

Being the native New Yorker of the group, I took them on a mini-food tour and showed them the new Hu(man) Kitchen, the Union Square Greenmarket and Whole Foods Union Sq.

Photo Credit: @leslieskelton

Once we picked up 6 dozen organic eggs, fresh herbs, 4 bottles of kombucha and a few snacks for lunch, we were back in the kitchen to prep.


  • Boiled 4-Dozen Eggs: Cooked them 13 Minute Style
  • Cooked Grits: Stood over a pot of grits (for at least an hour)
  • Baked Bread Pudding Cakes: Baked the batter into square silpats
  • Rolled Nudi Pasta: Shaped the nudi into small bites

Photo Credit: @leslieskelton

TOUGHEST JOB: The grits!

This was only my third JBF dinner so I was a little surprised Chef Felicia asked me to cook the grits; I’m used to prepping veggies, creaming ingredients together, and slicing food… but cooking? with fire? it was unfamiliar territory. HOWEVER, Chef Felicia was confident in me, so I gained confidence in myself. I stood by that fire (while timing my hard-boiled eggs), & stirred those grits with heavy cream & salt like a hawk.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I was scheduled for 6 hours, but stayed an additional hour to finish up the Bread Pudding. Working alongside Felicia and Chef Anne changed my confidence in the kitchen; they trusted me, acknowledged me, and incorporated me into the dinner.

And even though I was only scheduled for the morning shift, I came back after school to support this Southern Flair Dinner. I wanted to see Chef Felicia’s first JBF dinner executed and to lend a helping hand if she needed one.

This is a dinner I’ll never forget.

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PS: Chef Felicia invited BBQ Master Nick Vergios of Memphis to help out in the kitchen!


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