NEW YORK, NY :: IRON CHEF EVENT AT DAVID BURKE BLOOMINGDALES // chef david burke vs. chef carla hall, burke in the box, bloomies




  • Arrange the food for the event (anything we found could be used)
  • Keep the “secret ingredient” hidden
  • Sous Chef for Team Carla Hall


  • Watching the coin toss to decide who was serving first (Team Carla won the toss and decided to serve second)!
  • Revealing the secret ingredient : APPLES!
  • Feeling the pressure of 50 people starring at you while you cook…


  • Team Carla’s 1st Course: Smoked Salmon & Raw Apple Salad (see below)
  • Team Carla’s 2nd Course: Braised Chicken on top of a Sweet Potato & Apple Gratin with a side of Ham Hash (see below)
  • Team Carla’s 3rd Course: Southern Dumplings, finished with Grated Apples (see below)
  • Team David Burke: Actually, I have no idea what he cooked. Even though he was literally 1 foot away from me, my mind was focused on Chef Carla’s dishes. The only thing I did see was his massive Himalyan Sea Salt rock! He used it to serve one of his courses… and it looked DELICIOUS.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Nerve-wrecking. Mind blowing. Awesome.

  • I have a newfound appreciation for mandolines and their ability to slice apples at a rapid pace
  • I now understand the meaning of: “sense of urgency”
  • I cooked side by side with two Chefs that I have a lot of respect for – no losers at this event, wonderful meals all around!
  • And even though I was cooking in a crowded kitchen full of people distracting cheering/screaming, those were the fastest 90 minutes of my life!


BEST PART OF THE NIGHT: It was the first time a Chef ever called me, “Chef”.

David Burke at Bloomingdales //  59th and Lexington, NYC

When you get a chance, stop by Burke in the Box (located inside of Bloomingdales on the first floor) and order “The Ultimate Cheeseburger with Truffle Fries”…

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