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Remember when a certain someone bought 12 bottles of GT’s Kombucha at Whole Foods NYC for $40.00? #YESthatwasme

Well, that’s when the light bulb went off:

  1. I really, really, really like Kombucha (#addict)
  2. Kombucha is hella expensive (#poor)
  3. I need to start brewing this myself (#withdrawal)

What is Kombucha? Kombucha is fermented sweet tea. That’s it.

But in order to ferment the tea, you must have a “S.C.O.B.Y.” (symbiotic culture/colony of bacteria and yeast), also known as a mushroom or a mother.

In layman’s terms: This thing is insanely good for you.

You can eat the SCOBY, you can grow another SCOBY from the original, or you can toss it out if you think it’s that gross… but I’d gladly take it off your hands since its the best part of the brew.

Health Benefits? Kombucha is a recognized probiotic and it has gut healing properties. There’s not a lot of research on the health benefits but there’s more than enough to google #GoCrazy

Brewing Kombucha: Before I started making Kombucha at home, I thought kombucha involved a lot of time and effort (due to the cost of the product); however, it’s easier than cutting an apple.


First Batch of Kombucha Day 1 – Day 12:

Fun right?? Well, after watching my video/reading this post, you have three things to do:

1) Make your own kombucha.

2) Contact Natural Gourmet and book a class to learn more about kombucha.

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