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In 2012, I decided that I wanted to spread my enthusiasm for food, fitness, knowledge and FUN by setting a GOAL for myself & my community: “I will organize a food health & wellness event in NYC by March 2013.”

DATE ACHIEVED: TODAY! January 20, 2013!

ABOUT CANDICE: Candice Kumai is a cookbook author and current judge on Iron Chef America. She is super bubbly and full of fun, flirty recipes! Candice believes in a healthy diet and consistent exercise, so it was serendipitous when we met at a public event! #collaborationcommences

ABOUT THE EVENT: I wanted to create an opportunity for people to expand their knowledge beyond the fitness studios; a program that would introduce food knowledge in a safe, healthy environment; a space to spotlight food experts in my community.

When I presented the idea to Candice, she was on board and decided to create a “Seven Days to Sexy” program based on her new book, Cook Yourself Sexy! Click here to see a video of Candice during the event!

HOW CAN YOU GET SEXY IN SEVEN DAYS? Candice Kumai shared her thoughts with us tonight:

  1. Drink more water!
  2. Meditate every morning.
  3. Eat clean & real food!
  4. Practice the 75% rule & stay positive! (Even if you give up on changing your diet lifestyle, aim to achieve 75% of your goals!)
  5. Banish bad habits (Ex: coffee addiction)
  6. Move towards a sexier bod.
  7. Get more sleep!

YOGA MOTIVATION: To kickstart this detox program, Elena Litvack of Atmananda Yoga shared her flow with the community. Guests commented on how they felt “empowered” after practicing with Elena, and how much they needed her class after a stressful week. #LOVElena

MEET & GREET: Candice met with her fans after the event and spoke to them about healthy meals she makes for herself throughout the week! She even spoiled everyone with treats & recipe cards from her latest cookbook!

OVERALL: This was the first Health & Wellness event at lululemon Athletica… and it was a huge SUCCESS! Candice was entertaining, informative and enthusiastic! Guests from all over the East Coast went out of their way to spend the night with her, and it couldn’t have been a better experience!

Best part of the night for me?  Welcoming the guests to the event, expanding their knowledge about food health, and seeing ALL of them leave with a smile on their face. It felt amazing to turn my idea into a reality, and I could not have done it without Candice, Elena and my entire team at lululemon Athletica (yes, I work there)! Looking forward to future possibilities! #gratitude #knowledge #change

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3 Things I’ve realized after achieving this goal:

  1. I am capable of anything I put my mind towards.
  2. I am passionate about food health AND mind, body wellness.
  3. I can be an inspiration like Candice and will audition to be on The Next Food TV Star. #2013Goal #BHAG
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