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I haven’t been in the kitchen that long, but out of all the Chefs I’ve ever worked with… this Chef is the most stylish of them all…

Introducing Restaurateur, Celebrity Chef , Top Chef Master and Cookbook Author… Marcus Samuelsson!


  • Cleaned & Shucked Oysters
  • Grilled Limes
  • Assisted Chef Marcus with Steak Tartar
  • And lots of Plating!


Most restaurateurs oversee the cooking in the kitchen, but I loved the fact that Chef Marcus jumped behind the butcher block as soon as he settled in. His palate and food creativity is extraordinary; and I was semi-shocked when he asked me to assist his steak tartar dish. Chef Marcus is one of those Chefs that makes you want to be a great cook even if you have no intention of ever being one. So if you want to be a serious cook, I highly recommend staging under him and his team.

“You’re never going to learn unless you’re in the kitchen.” – Marcus Samuelsson


The food was incredible. Chef Marcus made normal teft ramen (a local dish of Ethiopia) luxurious, by adding elements like lobster, pork belly, crispy clams, and pickled egg… in another dish, Chef Marcus incorporated shrimp into his grits & then topped it off with scallops… I mean who does that? Marcus Samuelsson does that. The entire menu blew me away. Creative. Delicious. Feasible.

For more pictures of the dinner, check out the James Beard site here!


Marcus Samuelsson is a Chef with passion and fire; every aspect of his cooking displayed how much he cared about his guests experience that night; from the timing of each course… to the presentation and portion of the plate… to the actual flavors and textures of his food; he is the Chef you want to experience. Can’t wait to head uptown to Red Rooster after getting a taste of Harlem.

PS: If you can’t make it to Harlem, then I suggest purchasing his memoir: YES, CHEF and checking out his blog

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