NEW YORK, NY :: OSCARS 2013 // chef wolfgang puck, gown envy, makes me want to hop onto a soulcycle bike, watching the best dressed in my pajamas


I had no intention of watching the Oscars last night… but my favorite Chef (in the entire world) was catering the event for his 19th year… and I may or may not have been interested in seeing all of the pretty dresses on the Red Carpet…

Ok I was. Here are my favorites:

1. Sandra Bullock nailed it with this Ellie Saab dress.

I want it in my size for the 2013 JBF Awards.

2. And if I can’t get that dress… I want this one.

 I’ll admit that I didn’t even know who this was until she wore this dress. I googled George Clooney’s Girlfriend and found photos of Stacy Kiebler in this Naeem Khan dress. AMAZING.

3. Jennifer Aniston in Valentino. Gorgeous.

4. Love Reese Witherspoon. Love the concept of this dress. I think every girl who admired this blue fabric, just wanted it for themselves. Louis Vuitton elegance.

4. Donatella Versace designed this dress for Hallie Berry and I think she rocked it. Very bond. Very elegant. And I’m pretty sure Donatella had one made for herself as well.

5. Only Nicole Kidman could wear this L’Wren Scott piece. She has the height, the small ribcage and the light to let the shine hit her in all the right places. 


Live kitchen-instagram feed from BonAppetit Magazine, featuring my favorite chef, Wolfgang Puck!

I know what you’re thinking… there was an entire building full of celebrities dressed in Black Tie and I’m still focused on the Chefs in White Jackets… but NO ONE compares to Wolfgang. He has been my idol since I was 10 and his famous quote, “LIVE. LOVE. EAT.” has been burned into my brain ever since.

If you’re like me and solely interested in the food, check out the menu.

PS: Waiting for the day I get to meet Wolfgang Puck.


I rarely watch TV and hardly get out to the movies so this may have been the first time I’ve ever sat down to watch the Oscars. After fast-forwarding through 2hrs of commercials, I’m curious to know how the event functions, food-wise. I mean, when do they eat? And how do they eat in those beautiful gowns? Do they have a sit down meal at midnight when the event is over? If so, do they pack snacks to eat in their seat? Or are there passed hors d’oeurves throughout the night? Am I the only one curious to know the answers to these questions?

Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence (left) for Best Actress- seriously, who cares if she fell?


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