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I usually don’t write about my weekly workout regiments… but I should.

Sweat is a major part of my life and now that I’m writing for both MarcusSamuelsson.com and lululemon.com (yes, food + fitness go together), I’m ready to post my everyday encounters with food and physical wellness on LITTLEMISSLOCAL.com… starting with this mid-day, pre-weekend, cardio party, that happened this afternoon.

STUDIO: SoulCycle Tribeca
INSTRUCTOR: Erin Thomas (SoulCycle Trainee)

As I walked into the SoulCycle studio, I was greeted by 15 of my closest friends, all dressed in “luxtreme” from head-to-toe (luxtreme: it’s the lululemon fabric thats made to sweat, alot).

THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT MY FRIENDS: We bond over sweat. And it only occured to me, at this very moment, that it might be a bit weird for you to know that we have a private facebook group where we share which studio we’re going to, which instructor we’re taking, and which mat/bike we’ve claimed… just to see who can join in on the party. You and your friends do this too, right?

There’s no rules in our sweat group, but we have a few mantras.

  1. Do something that scares you once a day.
  2. Never say no to luxtreme on markdown.
  3. Always say YES to sweat.

So it’s 12:00pm on a Friday and we’re all clipped into a bike. Most of us rearranged our schedules so we could sweat alongside our friend and SoulCycle Trainee, Erin Thomas (we like to call her “ET”).

SOUL TRAINEE: Erin/ET is not an instructor (yet); she’s currently training at SoulCycle, and this was her first public ride to show off her instructor-bilities.

So everyone, and I literally mean everyone, was trying to get into her class #PrivCommunityRideWaitlist #sheskindofabigdeal

ETs RIDE: The playlist blew everyone away; as soon as the first beat dropped, all 32 of us had become a pack.  Our feet were in sync with ET, as well as the riders to the front, back and sides of us- old song favorites made us ROWDY, new favorites made us WILD, towels whipped in the air, and shouts echoed throughout the room as if we were at a frat party.

ET played songs that made me want to dance on a bike… followed by another song that challenged my strength/alignment… and another song that made me smile and cry at the same time; needless to say, ET tapped into my psyche and at the very last hill (spin lingo for a really heavy cycle that makes you feel like you’re climbing a hill), the world became my oyster #endorphin #overload

So proud of ET for chasing after her dreams, and turning them into a reality. I can only hope that I will have the same support when I reach my goal of getting cast on a competitive cooking show (achem, I’m available The Next Food Network Star)!


HIGHLIGHT POST WORKOUT: I splurged on a bottle of green juice from Juice Press and then I bumped into Chopped TV Host Ted Allen at the James Beard Foundation while working the Crave Fish Restaurant dinner, featuring Todd Mittgang #serendipity

And that’s that.
I sweat to eat. #LML
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