NEW YORK, NY :: KORIN VISIT // knife skills, japanese culinary shop

On the Agenda:

  • SoulCycle
  • Knife Skills at Natural Gourmet

So I went to Tribeca to sweat out all of my worries in the world, and realized (upon arrival) that the class was at scheduled at a different studio on the UES. Unphased by my error, I walked down the street and found myself infront of the KORIN store window.

KORIN is a Japanese culinary store that has beautiful knives, a personal knife sharpening guru and anything and everything Japanese. It was my first time in that shop and I was holding in my excitement (because I would be mortified if I had broken something).

As I glided past each glass cabinet, I wondered… “What would that feel like in my hand?” “What dish would I make with that machine?” “Who would come over if I used that place setting?”

There was a lot of food for thought happening during my 5 minute visit… and I know I’ll be back again to brainstorm in detail… but for now, I know I had to master my knife skills (with speed and accuracy) to deserve a knife of such caliber.

Almost there… thanks to the additional practice Natural Gourmet provides on a weekly basis!

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