NEW YORK, NY :: CRAVINGS IN CHINATOWN // what happened to the fried chicken that crossed the road?

As you all know, I am an omnivore.

But I am interested in all food: meat, fish, poultry, raw, vegan, vegetarian…

And being around a community that supports clean, health supportive food… sometimes I think I could go vegan because Chefs now know how to make shitake bacon… that tastes exactly like bacon! And I love the feeling of eating cleaner and healthier…

But there are times when I get cravings for fried chicken. Maybe it’s linked to a memory or serves as a comfort food… but to be perfectly honest, I just think it tastes delicious.

So if see a 1-Hour Window of opportunity in my schedule… you better believe I am heading down to Chinatown for fried chicken and leaving with 9 wings for $5.50 (cash only) in a Chinese Take-Away Container.

And yes, I was that girl in the sunglasses you saw eating fried chicken while crossing the street to the N train.

And yes, the box was finished before I entered the subway (which is conveniently located 4 blocks away).


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