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On April 14th, 2013 – 600 men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes entered Union Square Park to bare their souls for the 3rd Annual Sports Bra Challenge.

Shirtless and confident, these individuals got on their designated bike and rode to the beat with SoulCycle instructors, Jenny Gaither, Ayana Curtis, Melanie Griffith and Stacey Griffith.

As the pedals started to turn, the energy levels in the park began to climb; songs got faster, isolations got tighter, and the cheers got louder and louder!

As I rode in the saddle to Jenny Gaither and Ayana Curtis, I  couldn’t stop looking around at all of the positive men and women who were riding alongside me. Athletes from all over the nation came to NYC in support of the SEAK Foundation to promote inner beauty, self-confidence and transformation.


1. Speaking with the Women of Granby High School Virginia! When I met the girls of Gramby High School Virgina, they were a little shy until I asked them about their favorite way to sweat! They love to run and/or climb the steps of their school!

2. Meeting the Ladies of Friendseminary! When I spoke to three high school teens from Friendseminary about their journey with the SEAK Foundation… I realized they are walking, talking examples of empowerment. They said, “Thanks to Jenny, Jocelyn and Kelly our insecurities no longer exist.”

3. Shout out from Jenny! At one point during the class, I realized all of my friends in the fitness industry were spinning on the same beat. And as we tuned into Jenny Gaither for the final sprint, I heard her shout on her mic, “Get it Justine!” #inspiration #overload #thankyou



This was the second Sports Bra Challenge Event and my first time spinning outdoors. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and everything felt so good.

I was surrounded by shirtless men and women on bikes, fully clothed spectators on the sidelines and lots and lots of positive energy. To be part of something that like this is not easy to describe. It’s a feeling of possibility, a lifestyle for better tomorrows.

Big thank you to Jenny Gaither, lululemon and the SEAK Foundation– you are my inspirations!

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