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Ever since the Sports Bra Challenge I’ve been on a power high; holding yoga positions that I thought were too strenuous for my body, spinning faster than my norm at SoulCycle, and challenging my mind and body to new experiences.

So with that said, I did (my version of) the unthinkable. I committed to a sweat date at Barry’s Bootcamp with my friend Amanda.

STUDIO: Barry’s Bootcamp NYC

EXERCISE: Full Body, Weight Training & Cardio

INSTRUCTOR: Harley Rodriguez (Chest, Back & Abs Class)

Thoughts when I booked the class… “WOW- I can’t believe I’m finally challenging myself to the scariest exercise in Manhattan. I feel stronger than ever. Thank god Amanda is coming with me. Should I wear sneakers?

Thoughts right before class… “OMG. What am I getting myself into?  Sprints, kettle bells, weights? I am not bootcamp material… where’s my towel and water? WAIT- they don’t give us towels or water for class???”

Thoughts as I entered the class…“I feel like I’m in a dark, disco, fitness club. What’s with all of the equipment in here? There must be 60 people in this class. How do I turn on the treadmill?”

Thoughts during the first treadmill sequence… “I hope I don’t fall off- that would be mortifying. I would seriously slam right into that rack of weighted balls behind me. What does 8% incline mean?”

Thoughts during the first weight segment… “My new name is Floor, and Floor needs to burpee. I could really use a towel right about now. How are people not wearing luxtreme? I hope Harley doesn’t see me using 5 pounders… OMG he totally saw me with 5lb weights.”

Thoughts during the final treadmill sequence… “Did I really just enjoy the weights portion? Hallelujah. I guess running after the MTA bus must be paying off. 1 mile complete and 30 seconds to go… I think I’ll speed up- ouch, shoulder’s tensing, holy cramp, holy cramppp…”

Thoughts during the last weight sequence…  “Did he just say one handed push up? I can’t believe I considered writing a fitness blog this morning… 3..2..1.. Recover. Wait it’s over? We did it?! Seriously?!”

OVERALL: Not as scary as I thought it would be- definitely a good challenge.

Barry’s Bootcamp provides a safe space where you’re pushed past your limit in order to get the results you didn’t even expect to achieve. It’s as if you’re working out with a personal trainer, shared 60 ways.

To be perfectly honest, you could do any of these exercises on your own at the gym, but “Barry’s” provides a community, a playlist that makes you forget about the burn and an instructor to remind you why you’re there.

As a first time participant, I appreciated the clear instruction from Harley, the encouragement to keep going, and the minor corrections he gave as he walked up and down the narrow room. I kinda loved how I was on cue with the rest of the athletes in the class, so I’m thrilled to have survived my first bootcamp class with flying colors (even if the word bootcamp STILL makes me nervous). Truth be told, it’s like a laser treatment- at first it stings, and then you forget it even happened. At $34.00/hr, it’s an intense sweat addiction… kinda like my relationship with SoulCycle.

Will I go again? Sure, why not. I didn’t appreciate the condescending dude behind the desk (who didn’t even hand me a towel), but I can look past that aspect as long as I pick up a well deserved treat at their FUEL BAR.

But before this post ends… True or False? At one point in class, Harley made us face the row directly across from us. He kept saying that there was a point as to why we were working out face to face, but I didn’t catch his explanation. The only explanation I could come up with was to impress the person opposite of you. I mean, there were a ton of men and women in the studio… and dating in NYC isn’t easy… so I guess that could be a legitimate incentive for the other participants- True? False? True?? #dontbeshy

Here’s My Improvised Version of their Simply PB Smoothie:

2 oz Homemade Peanut Butter

1/2 Banana

2 Cups of Almond Milk

Splash of Chai Spice



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