CHICAGO ITINERARY // last minute reservations, open to suggestions, michelin star/james beard foundation worthy restaurants w/ specials


I’ve been feverishly googling multi-course menus, dining specials, and the estimated walking distance between one Michelin star restaurant to the next. When I searched Chicago Eater and Edible Chicago to figure out the best food itinerary for the next seven days, they sort of left me flat. The same 20 restaurants kept popping up and I didn’t even see Girl and The Goat on the list… that alone made me raise an eyebrow.

Therefore I stalked friends who are currently in Chicago on instagram, googled local blog posts for “tastiest-must-try-chicago-restaurants”, and slowly but surely… I got the information I needed.

In the past 24 hours I have rearranged my entire itinerary on OpenTable… and I am so glad that OpenTable is not a real host/hostess.

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

  • Bootcamp with Lululemon Athletica Michigan Avenue
  • Blackbird : $22.00 Pre-Fixe Lunch Menu
  • Window Shopping on Michigan Ave.
  • Nellcôte : Student Special- Pizza & Beer for $10.00

DAY 3:

DAY 4:

  • Osteria Via Stato : Recommended by Belinda Chang, Sommelier
  • Yusho : Recommended by Megan Moloney, DB Bistro Pastry Chef

DAY 5:

  • Uncommon Ground : Farm to Table Rooftop Garden Reco from Yelp
  • Visit to Lululemon Southport
  • Perhaps a little bit of yoga…
  • Pecking Order : Recommended by Danny Recio, JBF

DAY 6:

  • Hot Dougs because I won’t have anything more important to do than to wait in line for a hot dog.
  • WILD CARD! Maybe I’ll cook dinner for friends or maybe they’ll choose!


I know it might seem like I’m trying to eat everywhere in Chicago, but that’s because I am.

It took me four years to get back to the Windy City and I’m just really excited to eat, everything. I already anticipate an extra 5-10 pounds of cushion to accompany me back to NYC, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it in the form of additional yoga and SoulCycle classes.


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