HEADING TO CHICAGO // what i remember, where im eating, what im doing, what im thinking from a nyc perspective


If you follow me on twitter and facebook, you are well aware that I am traveling to Chicago this week!

I’ve only visited the Windy City once (and that was before I made my move to Milan in 2009) so I barely remember anything other than…

  • a beautiful boat tour around the city
  • a lighthearted romance
  • the TASTE of Chicago
  • meeting Stephanie Izard before she opened Girl and the Goat
  • having drinks on the Wit rooftop
  • and eating salty, yet local pizza pot pies

Needless to say, I fell in love with Chicago.

Four years later I’m heading back to Chicago with a plan to eat (and sweat) my way around the city. Close friends have made their suggestions and with a little research I’ve created my food itinerary for the trip (and btw, you know you have friends in the industry when all of their recommendations are four stars or higher).


  • Yusho
  • Boka
  • Little Goat
  • Frontera Grill
  • Nellcôte
  • Hot Dougs
  • Uncommon Ground


  • Second City Comedy Club
  • Photo Opp at The Bean
  • Visits to Lululemon Athletica Chicago
  • SELF Workout in the Park
  • Lateral Fitness Workout
  • Writing on my Laptop at a Cafe… not eating, but perhaps there will be sipping…


  • Where do the Chicago locals go to eat? In Manahttan, I know which areas to avoid tourist traps, but I remember Chicago not being as big… so I’m assuming everyone eats in the same areas, it’s just a matter of where… right?
  • Why isn’t Girl and the Goat and Boka coming up when I google “Must-Eat Places in Chicago”? Is it just known? Or do people not realize there are other amazing places to eat that are “Rick Bayless” quality?
  • What does one wear to a restaurant that is “business casual” or “dressy”? In NY, I’d wear a slim dress and high heels.
  • What should I pack for this trip? Rain boots? Tank tops? NYC weather has been trippy so I’m not sure if it’s Spring, Summer or Fall.
  • Is it normal to walk 30-40 minutes from Point A to Point B? Legit question. I wouldn’t walk anywhere in NJ that takes me more than 10 minutes to reach, however when I’m in NYC my normal commute is 30-40 minutes by foot (which I consider relatively easy).
  • And lastly, is it weird if I go to a Michelin Star restaurant solo? Does that ruin the floor plan for the GM? I guess I will find out soon enough.

If you care to shed any light on any of  those looming questions, please do so in the comments section! Looking forward to hearing from you!


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