CHICAGO, IL :: INHALING CHICAGO // my overall feelings about my mini vacation in chicago

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 12.49.54 PM

WOW Chicago, you are an impressive city.

Not only did I have the best meal of 2013 (thus far), I was in awe of your lake front views, relaxed dress codes, and the lively community within metropolitan boundaries. I had fabulous food recommendations from hometown friends to Chicago natives. I dined at local dives to Michelin star restos, and I made to sure to strike multiple poses in front of “The Bean”.

I created an itinerary that was significantly enhanced as I explored Chicago, but if you’ve been following me on facebooktwitterinstagram, and/or vine, you’ve already gotten a few sneak peaks of the restos, the meals and the good vibes that flowed throughout my trip in the Rainy Windy City.

So now that I’m back in New York, I’ll be posting about Chicago and everything in between (in random order of course). Make sure to subscribe to because I inhaled Chicago and you’ll want to know where I’ve been, and what I thought.


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