NEW YORK, NY :: DRUNK ON POSSIBILITY // littlemisslocal turns two, empowered, living in the present and loving life!

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365 Days makes an insane amount of difference and I could not be more excited to celebrate Little Miss Local’s 2nd Birthday!

I started this journey traveling the world, and this past year was spent in NYC (which is a world of its own). If you’ve kept up with LML this past year, thank you SO much for your support! I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing individuals who’ve created the possibility for me to work with other extraordinary individuals!


  1. Cooking alongside celebrity chefs Mario Batali, David Burke, Carla Hall, Richard Blais, Michael White
  2. Graduating from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts
  3. Publishing articles for, (and soon I’ll be posting for Edible Manhattan)!
  4. Judging the 2013 International Chocolate Awards Competition in NYC
  5. Hosting a Health & Wellness Event with Top Chef America Judge Candice Kumai at lululemon Union Square
  6. Attending the 2013 JBF Awards
  7. Eating lunch with Mr. Clay Triplette (JBF House Steward)
  8. Dining at the James Beard Foundation
  9. Introducing yoga and SoulCycle into my monthly regiment
  10. Discovering my purpose in life as of yesterday, July 1, 2013!

I’m so overwhelmed with happiness and possibility right now. I’ve created goals for and cannot wait to start taking action!


  1. Create a business plan that supports aspiring foodies, restauranteurs, chefs, etc. to reach their goals by August 2013!
  2. Stick to a blog schedule in order to write posts for Marcus Samuelsson, lululemon, Edible Manhattan and LuttleMissLocal by September 2013!
  3. Learn French by July 2014!
  4. Maintain a Health & Wellness mindset by attending yoga and SoulCycle classes on a weekly basis – effective immediately!
  5. Be my best self every single day!


SUMMER PLAN: I will be posting to Little Miss Local every week, but I plan on focusing a lot of my time towards my TOP 5 GOALS (which includes creating a business plan for Little Miss Local- and I’m really excited about this project!!!!!!!). So if you want to reach out to me about a product review or freelance writing, just send me a message on the CONTACTS page and we’ll be in touch! Have the best summer everyone!

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