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Fhitting Room

Remember when I tried Barry’s Bootcamp for the first time? Well, I thought that would be my first & last bootcamp class until I heard about The Fhitting Room.

Everyone on the fitness scene is talking about getting “FHIT”, so I booked a class through Classtivity and made it to the UES at 9:00am to prep for my 9:30am Signature FHIX class with Eric and Daury.

Fhitting Room: 1166 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10028 
(212) 772-1166
Instructors: Eric & Daury
Exercise: High Intensity Training (HIT)

STUDIO: The reception and locker areas are tight (which is expected in NYC ), but friendly staff make up for the lack of elbow room. I loved how the studio provides complimentary hair ties, sweat towels and bottled water. The actual workout space is not big, however I felt much more comfortable and safer than I did at Barrys.

INSTRUCTORS: Eric & Daury were high energy and tons of fun! I was really surprised that there were two instructors for a class of 12 and the individualized attention was much appreciated (although there were times I wished they’d look away so I could fall out of my plank).

THE WORKOUT: Holy mother- 50 Minutes of High Intensity Training (HIT). Class started off with a cardio warm up, moved into a circuit set (rowing, planking, sit-ups), and followed with burpees, squats and pushups. As we transitioned, Eric and Daury kept pulling equipment out of thin air and maximized the space seamlessly. We finished the session with the jungle gym, kettle bells, and stretches. Let’s just say, you get your moneys worth.

OVERALL: No pain, no gain. With the support of Eric and Daury, I felt like a rockstar after completing the entire workout. The Fhitting Room is definitely the newest addiction for bootcamp lovers and body sculpters.

PS: When you purchase your first FHIT class for $35.00, the second one is free!
PPS: My abs still feel the burn.


LIVE.LOVE.swEAT: I asked the Fhitting Room receptionists for a casual post-workout spot for lunch and they suggested Calistas (a health food cafe up the street from the studio). Upon arrival, the staff was extremely kind which made it easier to digest my $12.00 Apple Salmon Salad; however my greens were old and my salmon was pre cooked and served cold.

On the plus side, Calistas has a special 10% Dine-In or Take Out discount and offers a lot of organic products and drinks.

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