This past Saturday I was in the Hamptons for the very first time (cue: Madonna)! JBF hosted their annual Chefs and Champagne Event at the Wollfer Estate and I was there representing Koppert Cress (the JBF Heirloom Microgreen Purveyors) as one of the “Cress Acts”!

WHAT IS A CRESS ACT? Well, do you remember what cigarette girls looked like in the 1920’s? Fast forward a century and replace those cigarettes with healthy, nutritious microgreens!

Basically, I walked around the C&C tent with a tray of microgreens, fed guests and educated them about each microgreen.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve been interning part-time for Koppert Cress over the past few months. My job is to provide microgreen tastings to tops chefs and restaurants in NYC on behalf of Koppert Cress (more to come in future posts)!


  • 35 C&C Chefs prepared 600-1,000 portions for event guests
  • Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods loved the “cigarette” tray of microgreens and did a short video interview with me!
  • Chef Morimoto loved my tray of microgreens and tried it on for size :)
  • At the event I got a chance to see the JBF Family, all of the featured chefs, food celebrities and interesting characters who loved sampling all of the KC micros! #POPULAR

For more Chefs & Champagne photos, visit my facebook page! And for a short video interview with Andrew Zimmern, follow @KOPPERTCRESSUSA!



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