FLYBARRE WITH BRITSBARRE. Pulsing on another level.


There are certain things in life that scare me and one of those things is Flybarre. “The barre class for athletes.” lululemon introduced me to this studio last Winter and I was very reluctant to try it out, but I’ve been back several times ever since.

ABOUT FLYBARRE: The class itself is described as a 55-minute interval-based class that combines circuit training, yoga, pilates, stretching, and strength building. And if I were to describe a Flybarre class in my own words, I’d say it’s a never-ending pulse party.

INSTRUCTOR BRITTANY FRANKLIN: Brittany is one of the newest instructors at the studio and a natural at the barre. The first time I took her class I was mesmorized by her flexibility, as well as her ability to speak + pulse at the same time. As a former ballerina, Brittany ensures proper form, maintains control in the room, and motivates the class until the last pulse.

KEEP IN MIND: Brittany will welcome you into class with southern hospitality, but she will not take no for an answer at the barre. Learn more about Brit on the Flybarre website and follow her on twitter @britsbarre

STUDIO: Flybarre is located in the Flywheel Flatiron building in the back. Just sign in at the laptops and claim your mat in the back. You can help yourself to a towel, bottle of water, and multiple sets of weights according to your ability. There are changing rooms available so book your mat with Brit when sign ups open at 5pm on Sunday… get ready to fly!

POST WORKOUT SNACK: I’m usually too numb to eat a meal, however, now that Eric Kayser is around the corner I predict baguettes and gruyere rolls in my future.

Nutritious? Not really. Delicious? Absolutely.

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