GASTROINTESTINAL HEALTH BY PETER BONGIORNO. Public Class at The Natural Gourmet Institute NYC.

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When I was looking into culinary programs around the world, I realized that I was seeking a school that stood out from the others; an institution that could give me answers to questions that I didn’t even know existed… and now that I’m a graduate of the Natural Gourmet for Health & Culinary Arts, I sign up for Public Classes to learn more about gastrointestional health by Dr. Peter Bongiorno of Inner Source Health.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Peter Bongiorno is a Naturopath Doctor and a Certified Acupuncturist. You can find Dr. Bongiorno’s Inner Source Health practice in Manhattan and Long Island, or you can see him when he teaches public classes (about food directly relating to health concerns) at the Natural Gourmet School.

GASTROINTESTIONAL CLASS: After graduating from the Natural Gourmet Institute, I understood that food has a direct affect on ones body, but I found myself asking, “why?”…

  • Why are people gluten free?
  • Why am I allergic to corn and soy?
  • Why does it take so long to digest food?
  • Why do I feel sluggish after I eat?

I wanted a deeper look into the digestion process so I signed up for Dr. Bongiorno’s gastrointestional class at the Natural Gourmet to learn about the gut.


No matter who you are, our common denominator is food and the food we eat affects our bodies.

  • In this class you’ll learn about the digestion process, how your food affects your mood, which foods to eat and avoid, the flight or flight process and an overall understanding of how hard the gut works to protect your body from things like everyday digestion to disease.
  • Not to mention, Dr. Bongiorno is a great instructor who gives simple explanations to strange medical terms… you’ll leave the class feeling like an M.D.
  • And if that wasn’t convincing enough… the school provides a welcoming table with tea, carrots, hummus, and olives (and personally, I always learn better on a full stomach)!


Just keep in mind, everyone is different so the nutritional information presented will depend on the individual. If you’re looking for a basic understanding of the gut, do yourself a favor and take this public class at the Natural Gourmet School, it may prevent health problems in the future. Have a great time at Natural Gourmet!


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