AROMA ESPRESSO BAR. Delicious Gluten Free Options.

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When I finish my SoulBands class at the SoulCycle Tribeca studio, my stomach growls. I literally stand outside contemplating where to eat…

  • Whole Foods… nah
  • Dirty Bird… too heavy
  • Mulberry & Vine… too expensive
  • Aroma Espresso Bar… YES!

WHY AROMA? I’m not a big coffee drinker, but its come to my attention that Aroma offers food. Good food, quick service, AND great prices.

I used to venture into Pret A Manger on rare occasions, and I wasn’t really impressed with their food selections. I like their overall concept- fresh, local, fast- but their quality does not meet my expectations. With that said…

Sorry Pret, I’ve moved onto Aroma and I’m not looking back.

Aroma Espresso Bar is the largest and most successful espresso bar chain in Israel and now we have it in NYC! Based on the name alone, I would never have thought they serve gourmet sandwiches , salad and pastries in addition to their already popular beverage menu.

TASTING MENU: Aroma Espresso Bar put a tasting menu together for a group of bloggers in the NY area… and here’s what happened.

  • DRINKS: Personally, I started with a Frozen Ice Aroma and it’s basically the best blended ice coffee I’ve had in a while. They offer fresh juices (yes, like apple & carrot, or even green juices) that are delish too.
  • SALADS: Two salads were offered and I chose the Garbanzo Bean over the Kale Salad. I liked the Garbanzo Bean Salad A LOT and the Kale Salad was a big hit with my neighbors. I wish I tried the kale salad but I personally think kale needs to be massaged, pressed or cooked in order for it give any of the good nutrients.
  • SANDWICHES: HOLY GOODNESS! The California Chicken is a chicken sandwich with avocado, fresh mozzarella cheese by a local farmer and a fried egg. I mean, seriously- SO GOOD.
  • SANDWICH SIDE NOTE: If you have an allergy or food preference, they can accomodate your order. Gluten Free? No problem, they use UDI’s bread as a substitute. Vegetarian? No worries, they’ll leave out the meat.
  • PASTAS: Not my favorite, but then again… I used to live in Italy.

DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that Aroma has their bread imported from Isreal? That’s right. They freeze their dough and ship it over from Isreal so it can be baked fresh on premise. Granted I am a huge support of local eats, but I can’t knock a company for creating consistency as they expand their business.


OVERALL: If you’re looking for a casual spot to grab lunch or a quick bite, go to Aroma. They have locations all over the city and they make everything fresh to order.


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  • elynn

    I love aroma! :) they have these sandwich and salad combos for $10. i love the pesto mozzarella basil tomato sandwich, and their quinoa salad with roasted eggplant. so healthy, i don’t feel guilty eating out. :)

    • littlemisslocal

      Awesome E! Aroma Tribeca told me they’re working on a healthy menu and I’m really excited to see what they come up with! What would you suggest?

  • mulberry&vine

    We love Aroma! They are great. The reason Mulberry & Vine is a bit more expensive is because of our ingredients. We are primarily local, pesticide-free or organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, our poultry is free range – it makes us more expensive. It also makes us better for you and the planet. It’s our hope that people will continue to vote with their wallets for quality healthy ingredients in their food – and THEN the price will come down! Until then, we’re still trying to rock it out and we’d love to have you come in and have a conversation with us and we’ll buy you lunch!! Ask for Genevieve, Michelle, Chef Justin or Timothee!