GOVERNORS ISLAND. NYC’s Neverland for Adults and Children.

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This past Sunday I attended a potluck lunch with my fellow Natural Gourmet grads, instructors and current students.


POTLUCK PREPARATION: Ever since Italy, when I started to experiment in the kitchen, TIRAMISU has been my biggest crowd pleaser. I love making it, I love messing around with my original recipe, and I love when people take the first bite. So for the first potluck I made a tiramisu with banana and honey. Yes. I. Did.

PS: Currently considering selling my tiramisu at the market and excited about it! Want to know more? Just ask!


TRANSPORTATION FROM MANHATTAN TO GOVERNORS ISLAND: Google told me that I could take the subway for 1.5hrs or I could take the East River Ferry. Opting for the “speedier” preference, I reached the pier at 11:30 and waited until 12:05pm to board the boat with a semi-cold tiramisu in hand. In my mind I thought this boat would be exceptionally fast and predicted that I would arrive on Governor’s Island in 20-30 minutes… so I sat in the sunshine and waited for the last stop…

I passed multiple bridges, admired the view for a quick second, clicked a few photos on my iPhone, admired the bikes that were being parked in the rack, hid my tiramisu in the shade, and then I started to answer a series of emails. I was on that boat for an hour and did not appreciate the nostalgia of riding along the East River (I know, shocking… much like my appreciation for NYC museums).

GOVERNORS ISLAND: As I ran off the boat with sea legs, I followed the concrete path to the carousels and found NYC’s Neverland! SERIOUSLY, this is where the kids go to play and I’ve been missing out! Vintage carousels, local shops, music and laughter… how could this be my first visit to the island?

As I admired the flying swings, my friend Olivia found me and walked a small group of us to the picnic area. As much as I wanted to stay by the rides, my tiramisu was seeking hungry bellies.

NATURAL GOURMET (NGI) FAMILY: When I arrived to the picnic table,  I introduced myself to a few new faces, while giving hugs and kisses to the rest of the NGI family. We feasted on some of the healthiest homemade treats and talked food. All of us shared ideas, networked, updated each other about our lives, held the sweetest baby on the island and commented on each others dishes (watermelon gazpacho, sorrel juice, pistachip trail mix, hand tossed coleslaw, the works)!

OVERALL: A meal is only as good as its company, and luckily for us, we were a vibrant bunch- Natural Gourmet instructors were there with their loved ones, grads were there with their babies, and husbands of grads attended too! I love my culinary school for being so open to this potluck idea and look forward to monthly get togethers- seriously we are the bomb diggity.

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