JACOBS PICKLES GOES SOUR. First Ever Sour Beer Tasting Event.

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TRUE STORY: One time I googled, “What’s it like to dine on the Upper West Side?”

Why did I ask google? Well, other than the occasional trip to Levain Bakery, I rarely dined on the UWS. In my mind, the entire UWS was made up of posh restaurants, expensive menus, and white table clothes; and yes they do have posh restaurants, expensive menus, and white table clothes… but they also have Jacob’s Pickles. 

Jacob’s Pickles focuses on the essentials: BEER. BISCUITS. PICKLES. The concept was created by restaurant owner Jacob Hadjigeorgis and ever since they arrived in 2011, the Upper West Side community has been pampered with quality comfort food.

Comfort food is about starting from scratch and making good food for good people. It’s the kind of back-to-basics cooking that has been going on for generations. It’s the food that makes you smile.  –  Jacob Hadjigeorgis, Owner of Jacob’s Pickles

LOCAL SOURCES: Born and bred in Queens, Jacob explained that all of his food and beverages are sourced from various areas in the USA. Two highlights in particular? He still uses the butcher in his neighborhood for meat and he’s just starting to carry Domestic Sour Beers.

SOUR BEER TASTING: Earlier this month Jacob invited a private group of NYC food and beer enthusiasts to Jacob’s Pickles for an evening of Beer, Biscuits, Pickles and then some! Exciting aspect? Jacob and his beverage team ordered a list of sour beers based on flavor profiles and tried them for the first time with us at their first-ever Sour Beer Tasting!

MENU: To understand how the flavor of sour beer can compliment food, we were served Buttermilk Biscuits; Deviled Eggs; Fried Pickles with Spicy Red Mayo; Bratwurst with Creole Mustard; Homemade Meatballs with Sour Green Tomatoes; Petit Honey Chicken Pickle; Point Reyes Blue Cheese with Cherries and a Sour Sorbet Float.

Food alone, I was impressed with the Fried Pickles, the Pickle Platter, and the Honey Fried Chicken. YUM.

SOUR BEERS: Personally I don’t drink a lot of beer but it was really fun to be part of this focus group – as the beer arrived at the table we were given a brief description about each beer and what to expect. When tasted alone, some sour beers were really iconic and some were downright funky… but as the tasting menu developed, it left us intrigued by the potential of these beers.

Personally I really enjoyed the balance of the Allagash Golden Brett with the Deviled Egg. For me that was the perfect pairing.

  • Bruery Hottenroth Berliner Weisse Beer
  • Allagash Golden Brett Beer
  • Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam Bière
  • Singlecut Levon Lecitron Saison Beer
  • Carton Brewery CC Mezzo Beer
  • The Bruery: Tart of Darkness and Peekskill Simple Sour

Jacob’s Pickles is open Sunday through Thursday from 9AM to 2Am and Friday & Saturday from 11AM to 4AM. If you want to try any of these pairings, I suggest hailing the next taxi you see. Sour beers will be on tap until sold out, but incase you miss them you still have a full list of artisanal beers and gourmet comfort food to choose from. Thank you for a beautiful evening and warm hospitality, Jacob’s Pickle and Zaria PR!

More on Sour Beers from the VIllage Voice! Jacob’s Pickles is located at 509 Amsterdam Avenue, between 84th and 85th

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