LIVING WELL WITH MONTEL. Guest on Montel Williams Show.

Montel WIlliams

Montel Williams is offering you a healthier life by providing Living Well with Montel, a website that offers nutritional products as well as TV episodes that focus on health. And guess what? I was a guest on his show today!

BEFORE THE SHOW:  I was asked to arrive early Wednesday morning and I was also asked to prepare a question for the featured nutritionist on this topic: “Biggest health and wellness concern and/or question regarding stress, sleep, diet, fitness, sex or body image…” so I thought about and wanted to ask about plant based nutrition for athletes. Solid question right?

AT THE STUDIO: When I arrived at the studio, I thought there was going to be a live audience and I also thought I was going to be part of the audience to ask my question. Instead I sat down next to Montel Williams and filmed an episode with 15 other ladies to discuss three topics that focus on health and wellness for women: STRESS, SEX and SLEEP!

DURING THE SHOW: It was really interesting to see the format of Living Well with Montel because it was super casual- just Montel sitting down with a group of women, to discuss things that affect our daily lives. SERIOUSLY. Montel listened to us, encouraged us to chime in on the conversation, and gave us simple solutions based on his own experiences (by the way, if he didn’t pull from his own experiences, he brought in a doctor AND a nutritionist into the conversation).

OVERALL: I didn’t get the opportunity to ask my question about plant based nutrition for athletes, but I definitely got a lot of speaking time next to Montel. So I don’t want to give too much away because I want you to watch the show, but I WILL tell you that based on what we learned on this episode, everyone in that group made a promise to Montel for the next 17 days.

My personal promise? I promised to shut down my electronics at 10:30pm… and to worry about anything that happens after 10:30pm the following morning. It’s going to be hard but I will do it. Support me LMLers!

To see the whole episode visit (airing date TBD)!


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