DAPHNE CHENG OF SUITE 306. Vegan Supper Club in Tribeca.


Remember when I cooked a 3 course vegan dinner at The Natural Gourmet Institute (Friday Night Dinner at NGI)? Well fellow NGI alum, Daphne Cheng decided to put a spin on our final graduation project by creating her very own Vegan Supper Club in Tribeca called Suite Three Oh Six!

SUITE THREE OH SIX: Located between Chinatown and Tribeca, you’ll find Suite Three Oh Six as if you’re going to a friends apartment for the very first time. No restaurant sign on the door, just Suite 306 with the sweetest beats playing behind the door.

THE CONCEPT: NGI’s Friday Night Dinner meets Comodo. Daphne’s goal is to open a vegan restaurant, and like any savvy New Yorker, she decided to create an intimate pre-fixe dining experience for 24 guests in a small business space.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Suite Three Oh Six hosts two vegan dinners a week with a minimum of four courses. Depending on the dinner you book, Chef Daphne Chang or a guest chef will prepare a multi-course vegan dinner for 20-24 guests.

PROTOCOL: When you enter Suite 306, you’re greeted by a hostess who will check your reservation. After your seat in confirmed you have the choice of choosing your own seat. Personally if you’re interested in watching the chef work, choose the seats facing into the kitchen for a chefs eye view; or if you’re starving and just want to chat with your friends, take the seats closest to the reception desk.

MENU: Last night I attended a seven course vegan meal created by Chef Daphne Cheng. Prior to dinner, I gave Daphne a box of heirloom microgreens by Koppert Cress and she decided to incorporate them into each course minutes before dinner service (see photos below).

  • housemade goma dofu (sesame tofu), rock chive cress
  • herb salad, champagne vinagrette, amaranth cress
  • september bisque, lotus root, upland cress
  • fusilli, tomatillos, cashew cheese, rucola cress
  • barley, green daikon, sakura cress
  • nectarine ice cream, finger grapes, nasturtium flowers
  • whipped creme brulee, apple blossoms

OVERALL: This dinner experience is for diners who enjoy quality over quantity, unannounced one-night-only menus, and techniques that will please their palate. As I surveyed the guest dining scene, I found there were equal amounts of vegans, vegetarians and omnivores; and as an advocate for all cuisines, I am happy Suite Three Oh Six offers vegan menus for all to enjoy.

PS: On personal note, I was inspired by Daphne’s ambition to achieve her goal as a restauranteur and spoke to her about becoming a Suite 306 Guest Chef. Can you say possibility? Keep in touch with me about this possibility in the future, and perhaps you can be my guest at Suite Three Oh Six!


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