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I flew to Orlando, Florida last week on behalf of Koppert Cress USA to present at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show. It only took 2.5 hrs to get down there, and only 5 days to throw me off of my routine!

No soulcycle, no yoga; however there was an outdoor jacuzzi which was appreciated after a hard days work. By the way… have you ever sat in a jacuzzi while it was raining? It’s exhilarating!

As far as attractions, I didn’t stray further than a mile from my hotel on International Drive (no Millenia Park Mall, no outlets, no Downtown Disney, no Butterbeers); however I did get to go to an event called Down by the Bayou at BBKings with all of the vendors at the food show.

Eats at the event? Upon arrival, as per usual, I jetted straight for the food. I had three slices of prime rib, one pulled pork hor d’oeurve, approx 5 pieces of fried shrimp, a dallop of mashed potatoes and a spoonful of jambalaya. No room for dessert. Drinks were on the house but I skipped that option and had another piece of fried shrimp.

As far as local food in Orlando… it’s pretty slim pickins. It’s full of chain restaurants and orange juice. When I spoke to a few locals, they said they have a hard time dining out; and a local may have admitted to traveling to Miami for the good restaurants.

OVERALL: Koppert Cress had a great show, and Florida was a breath of fresh air (especially for my skin)! I made some good friends at the show and left with Bee Pollen capsules by Floyd Nutrition, a brand new 5.5 Santoku knife by Rhineland County and an iRest Mini Massager (impulse purchase)! Looking forward to staying in touch with everyone I met!


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