LET US EAT LOCAL BY JUST FOOD. A Just Food Event in Chelsea.

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Last week I attended the Let Us Eat Local event at the Altman Building.

What is Let Us Eat Local? It’s an annual event hosted  Just Food, a non-profit that focus on food wellness. 36 NYC chefs donate their time and delicacies to raise money for the organization and the money goes to programming and food awareness.

This year I was the highlight of the VIP Hour… well not me, but the microgreens I wore. Yes, I wore microgreens. It’s called a Cress Act. My company Koppert Cress was a sponsor so I walked around the event space educating guests, volunteers and chefs about microgreens! It’s definitely a conversation-starter to stay the least.

After showcasing the Cress Act, I got a chance to catch up with a handful of my chef friends while noshing on their delicious bites! Overall, the event was chic, delicious and SO my scene… I’m renaming it: Let Me Eat Local ;)

Favorite Eats? I didn’t get to taste EVERYTHING, but I made an effort to try food from restaurants I haven’t dined at before. As I made my way around the room (sans Cress Act Tray), my tastebuds leaned towards the following restaurants…

  • Esca
  • Mas
  • Parish Hall
  • Gramercy Tavern
  • Hundred Acres
  • Blue Marble Icecream

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