MEETING MARTHA STEWART. My 28th Birthday Cake by Martha Stewart


When I think of strong women in the culinary field, I immediately think of one person, Martha Stewart. A self-made powerhouse who has the knowledge and experience to say exactly what’s on her mind.

Last Saturday, Martha Stewart presented a Cake Decorating class at the NYC Wine & Food Festival. By chance, I got a seat in the audience and gladly admired her work while feverishly taking notes on my iPhone. She told us that lemons can be dipped into simple syrup for a high gloss finish, she said to keep a bowl of ice nearby while frosting a cake so your hands do not melt the buttercream, she suggested dark chocolate mocha frosting on a chocolate cupcake when you want to impress your girlfriends,and she said not to smush your cakes down! Just don’t do that she said. However the most important tip was this… she said to calibrate your oven bi-annually… and if you can’t get it calibrated, GET A NEW OVEN. Oh yes she did.

Everyone was captured by Martha’s tips and tricks. As she was decorating a four layer cake with huge rosettes, she started talking to the crowd, and she actually asked if anyone was celebrating a birthday. So I thought to myself, “Well I’m celebrating a birthday. I’m turning 28!” and immediately raised my hand.

Since I was relevantly close to the front row, Martha pointed at me and said “Oh! You should take one of these cakes home!” and then my jaw just dropped. I got stares of envy from the crowd and other hands started popping up rapidly. Did Martha Stewart just offer me a birthday cake?

There must’ve been 15 minutes left in the presentation but all I could concentrate on was the fact that MARTHA STEWART IS GIVING ME MY 28th BIRTHDAY CAKE… wait, WHAT?

At the end of the program, I walked up to the staged and Martha said, “Oh that’s right, birthday cake!” I chose the lemon cake that was hand decorated with simple syrup lemons and candied orange peels (passed on the four layer buttercream with rosettes because there was no way I could carry that back to my apartment- but I definitely want to try this in the future). SO happy I chose the lemon cake because Martha told everyone in the audience that she placed each lemon perfectly, so each person could get a lemon slice on each piece. I mean, can you say perfectionism at its best?

I accepted the cake with gratitude and let out a miniature squeal (or two). As I walked around the NY Wine & Food Festival, event goers shouted, “NICE CAKE” and I casually replied with an “oh thanks!” and kept walking. Why the downplay? Well I had to contain my excitement in fear that someone would try to take my cake, or worse… EAT it once they found out that Martha Stewart had given it to me.

I cradled my lemon cake like a baby as I exited the building as I passed by thousands of drunk wine enthusiasts. To protect me from my normal trips, falls or flops, I tried hailing a taxi, but that was semi-impossible with the stand still traffic. So instead of waiting for the traffic to die down, I walked across the avenues and then down to 42nd street.

I boarded the bus, put my head down, buried my cake in my bag without smushing it, and held a tight grip. It took me an hour to get back to my apartment but once I did, I let out a sign of relief.

I made it. The cake is safe.

*** My birthday cake will be eaten on October26th  (actual birthday) or October 27th and I will be sharing the excitement on LML the following day (or maybe that night). We’ll see. Follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram for exclusive pics of my everyday life!



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