28TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. Martha Stewart + Lavazza Coffee


Over the weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday in NYC, and if you follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram you might’ve seen some exclusive pictures throughout the weekend!

MARTHA STEWARTS CAKE: The cake lived up to its expectation. After being frozen for 1 week, I cut into a moist lemon cake that was glazed with icing and candied lemons. The cake was cut into 8 slices and devoured almost immediately. I expected the cake to be beautiful, but I didn’t expect the cake to taste SO good.

And for those of you out of the loop, read the entire  “How Martha Stewart gave me my 28th birthday cake” story here!

THE FLAVORS: The balance of the lemon, with the icing on top, paired with the texture of the candied lemons… PERFECTION. And I’m not exaggerating just because Martha Stewart gave me this cake. It’s just that good.

THE COFFEE: To complete my little tea party, I served Lavazza Coffee from a french press! Lavazza sent me four new blends that are being exported from Italy to North America: Gran Selezione, Perfetto, Classico, Gran Aroma. Check out the video to watch me make Lavazza’s Classico coffee from a french press for the very first time!

OVERALL: Living in gratitude to have so much love and support from family, friends and fans!  I appreciated all of your messages and look forward to this new year. 27 was wonderful and I welcome 28 with open arms!


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