TRICK OR TREAT. Mystery Bakery on Metropolitan Avenue.


When it comes to food, I am a curious person. Some of you may have followed me as I ate my way around the world, and some of you may know that my curiosity has gotten me into trouble once or twice… but more times than not, it has lead me to a world of discovery.

And today was no different. As I left my work office, I smelled something quite beautiful- buttery croissants, fresh bread and everything inbetween. Determined to sniff out the source, I discovered an underground bakery.

HOW? For the past week I’ve smelt wafts of butter as I passed by grafitti walls, soulcycle, and a junk yard. Seriously where’s the butter coming from?

I asked strangers on the street if they smelt the butter- some did, some rolled their eyes. I was told to go to the icecream shop and the biergarden 3 blocks away… but I kept saying… the smell is close, it’s SO buttery… and then someone said, “there’s a mystery bakery on Metropolitan Ave.” EUREKA.

Literally hidden from the world, I stalked all of the workers on that street and said, “Hey do you know if there’s a bakery around here? I smell butter!” After a few conversations, one guy named Nick (a metal worker, unaffliated to the bakery) took a long deep look at the ground and said, “Ok follow me.”

We walked down a couple flights and as soon as we hit bakery level I was hit with clouds of butter, sugar and everything dreams are made of.

This bakery is just a production site. They do not sell anything from this location, they just fill the community with wafts of buttery goodness. As I walked into the facility I met Miguel, the man in charge. We spoke for a few minutes and then he gave me a small cake filled with apples before I made my way out. Can you say Trick or Treat?!

Seriously of all the days to just walk into someone’s private work space and leave with something deliciously sweet, Halloween couldn’t have landed on a better day!

Happy Halloween evveryone :)

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