NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS 2014. Clarity, community and action.

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2013 was a year of education, development and clarity. I understood what I knew, I knew what I didn’t know, and then there were times where I’d get completely frustrated when I’d hit a blind spot (i.e. those times when you just don’t know what you don’t know)… which lead to self discovery.

Still with me? Good.

Living in New York City has been an adventure, an opportunity and a blessing. With the support of my family, friends and the entire NYC culinary industry, I’ve been able to reach above and beyond the goals I set for myself in 2013.

In 2013…

  • I graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute of Culinary Arts with a group of 10 other wonderful individuals
  • Completed two internships with the James Beard Foundation and am proud to call that house my home
  • Left lululemon and stayed connected with all of my fitness friends (gratitude to Ali C, Emily F, Krista B, Erin T, Julia B, Michelle S, Emily G, Hannah B, Mandy A, KK, Tyra W, Ashley C, Cat L for being rockstars)
  • Accepted a full time career with Koppert Cress USA as their Marketing & Events Manager
  • Befriended amazing chefs, writers, authors, and media in the NYC food industry (thanks to JBF, Koppert Cress and NYWCA)
  • And over the past few months, I’ve finally realized my true passion in life: childrens books! I plan to bridge my past career as a school educator with my current career as a food marketer by publishing children’s books about food, health and wellness!

Therefore in 2014… I am publishing my childrens book in June. I will make a difference in this world by being a voice for children, to educate them through pictures, words, and more importantly, food knowledge. Please help me achieve my goal by donating to my Indiegogo Campaign or submitting me for the Goal Bomb Movement hosted by lululemon! 

WHAT IS GOAL BOMBING? Goal bombing is when you get chosen by the lululemon community to support your project with a financial donation. You can help by nominating me and sharing this link with your friends or donating directly to my IndieGoGo Campaign!


Please take a few minutes by clicking on the survey link provided, fill out the questionnaire to nominate me and then share it with anyone you know!
My Email:
Hometown: New Jersey
Goal: Justine is publishing a children’s book that focuses on food, health and wellness by June 2014!
Impact: Knowledge is power, the more we share about food education, the better it will be for the entire community!
Working Towards Goal: Landmark SELP Project, Meeting with Famous Book Authors, Publishers and Illustrators – hustling, you know ;)
Obstacle: Need funding to get this book from concept to reality- funding would help with production costs!
Impact: Childrens books are the foundation for learning and if Justine can promote a positive, fun, easy to digest message for children (and adults), the impact will help us for years to come!

Elevate: Food is medicine and we can educate both children and adults to make good food choices for the body, mind and soul!

Thank you so much everyone, fingers crossed!!!!!!! If you believe in my project please share the link and the information above with your family and friends, thanks again and Happy New Year!


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