LEFTOVER POSTS. On vacation in Milano.

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Vacations are the best because you have the opportunity to catch up on things that don’t quite make it onto your day-to-day, or even weekend agendas.

When I go on vacation I’m the type of person who doesn’t realize that I desperately needed a vacation until I actually go on one… and right now I’m in Italy and loving the tranquility of doing whatever-the-bleep-I-want.

Things I like to do on vacation:

  • organize my planner/files
  • focus on my goals, creating timelines
  • stalk wedding sites like stylemepretty.com
  • and most of all, I love catching up on posts that I didn’t get to write for littlemisslocal.com

Since I have a ton of “Leftover Posts” I’ll start off with a few of my favorite things from 2013 that I haven’t talked about (but you may have seen on facebook).

1. NYC Public Library. I finally got my NYC library card and browsed this FREE! Childrens Book exhibit with a feature on my favorite author Eric Carle. Such a great way to discover the city without being touristy… I even checked out a few books… children’s books by Mollie Katzen.

2. LML Style. After I spent a year working for lululemon, I only wore luon and luxtreme on a daily basis. Now that I’m back in a world that requires business casual, I’m getting back in touch with my city-chic style. For example, one weekend I wore this inexpensive BOOM! Sweatshirt by Philip Lim Target with a few of my favorite pieces from Marc Jacobs and Theory. Can you say new favorite outfit?

3. Introducing JBF to Others. The James Beard Foundation is the best kept secret in NYC, that isn’t a secret! I brought my friend Chef Olivia Roskowski to dine with me and had a dinner prepared by the Signature Room of Chicago… they even added a cheese plate at the end, loved it SO much!

4. Experiencing Life as Eloise. When you’re a New Yorker you rarely visit iconic landmarks such as The Plaza unless you’re with tourists… however I got a special media invitation by The Korean Food Fair USA to attend their opening ceremony. We had a simple lunch and a nice panel discussion about Korean Food in the USA. Only thing I wish Korean restauranteurs would do with their Korean menu in the USA? Stop being polite by re-naming their Korean dishes to make it easier for everyone to pronounce- bring back the authenticity and we’ll deal with it ;)

5. Private Apt Parties. Nothing tops a Blind Bubbles Brunch by Belinda Chang! Brunch turns into late night, champagne bottles are sabered by the hour, Red Farm dumplings are the perfect comfort food, and caviar shots are devoured in pairs. Love my friends!

6. Invite to Monthly Potlucks! Women in the culinary industry run in similar circles and I’m very happy to be part of the family. Potlucks are my idea of fun and in the photo below, Amanda Dell of Nourish Community served up some sweet drinks with her pop-up bar. Yes, she brought her own bar via Ikea bag #amazing

7. Apartment Hunting. Currently looking for the perfect apartment in NY is ridiculous, however I dream of a 1 bedroom apartment (in NYC or WIlliamsburg) that is a balanced combination of Anthropologie, Club Monaco 5th Avenue, and a cute, shabby-chic coffee shop or the interior of Dylan Prime. It’ll happen, eventually…

8. Befriending Mr. Clay. Last but not least, Mr. Clay was the house steward at the James Beard Foundation and a dear friend to me while I was interning there. He passed away in 2013, but he will always be in my heart. I love you Mr. Clay!


More posts to come, thanks for keeping up with littlemisslocal.com lover you too! Happy New Year!


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