CRONUTS FOR DUMMIES. Is it worth the wait?

Cronut Porn

Ever since Dominique Ansel revealed the cronut, I’ve had a major crush on it.

Call me shallow but the cronut is aesthetically pleasing with its beautiful, flaky layers, and its swirly, sweet goodness on top. It’s a fact that both males and females have drooled over cronut food porn. True/false? True.

WHY DO PEOPLE WANT TO EAT A CRONUT? Is it because it’s pretty? Is it because it’s trendy and popular? Is it because it’s exclusive to NYC? Is it because New Yorkers cant even get one?

All of the above. I’ve attempted 3, possibly 4 times to get this white-sugar filled cronut into my system.

ATTEMPT #1: The day the cronuts launched, I found myself in SoHo and decided to stop into the bakery around 3pm for a cronut. When I casually asked for a cronut and the signature DKA pastries, the cashier bulged out his eyes and said, “we sold out of cronuts the first hour”. Oh.

ATTEMPT #2: Lesson learned. The following month I decided to go earlier for a cronut and brought a friend in the industry to keep me company. I thought for sure, at 9:30am, it would be easy to waltz into Dominique Ansel’s Bakery (with a Daniel Boulud Alum) for morning breakfast… however, as soon as we reached the street (no even the actual bakery), we were politely told that all cronuts were sold out. Off to Balthazars instead…

ATTEMPT #3: While visiting the James Beard Foundation, I saw a pastry with multiple layers and a sugary crust sitting to the side… could it be? A cronut before my very eyes? So I asked these out-of-town chefs if those were cronuts and they said yeah, go ahead and take a piece. As I bit into the pastry I knew within seconds that… it was a total fake!!!! It tasted like a crappy, cake doughnut from a supermarket. Cronut fail.

WHY NYers GIVE UP ON THE CRONUT: Tired of the attempts I accepted the fact that I will not be tasting a cronut for years. Hype in NYC lasts 5x longer than any other city because we’re always getting tourists who keep the hype alive. HOWEVER. Being so close to the food world, I felt taunted by the cronut food porn and decided to devise a plan…

  • Waking up earlier than I already do was not an option
  • Paying someone double the price was a likely possibility but I found that no one wanted to give them up… yes, I tried
  • Order cronuts online… wait what???

Yes, there is a solution to the madness. Purchase cronuts two weeks in advance and you wont have to wait in line. It’s called “PICK UP”… what??


  1. If you’re brand new to the cronut world, read this:
  2. If you’re a foodie, skip the text and click this:
  3. If you’re definitely getting cronuts, make sure you have a paypal account
  4. Cronuts are ordered two weeks in advance so choose the date and time you can pick up the cronuts from the bakery (must go in person- no delivery)
  5. At 10:30am on Monday (any Monday) schedule your break…
  6. Log into the site at 10:58am… click here
  7. Choose your date, pay with paypal and confirm you order
  8. By the time you complete your order all of the cronuts will be SOLD OUT


  • Do not hesitate.
  • Do not click refresh when the site is taking abnormally long
  • Have a paypal account set up with a credit card of balance above $35.00
  • Know the date/time you can pick up cronuts in person
  • You can only order up to 6 cronuts per order
  • There is only ONE FLAVOR per month
  • Any flavor they offer will be great.

PICK UP: Head to the bakery at your designated date and time. Skip the line, tell them you’re there for cronut pick up. Take your cronuts and run.

OVERALL: Dominique Ansel is a pastry genius, we all know that. The hype of the cronut is extreme, yet warranted because the concept is revolutionary. And if you were to ask me if the cronut is worth waiting in line for… I’d probably say no. I’m not saying that the pastry isn’t rich in butter, with a sugary outside and flaky interior, I’m definitely not saying that. I’m just saying, I am not the type of person who has the patience to wait on line longer than 5 minutes. BUT! If you were to ask me what my favorite pastry is from Dominique Ansel, I’d agree with Dominque and say that the DKA (Dominique Kouign Amann) is my favorite.

SPECIAL NOTE: I’d like to thank SoulCycle Sign Ups for preparing me for Cronut domination. I ordered 6 cronuts like a boss over Christmas Break, and picked them up earlier this week. Easy, painless, efficient. 

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