THE DAILY GOOD BY ALOHA . Green juice that can travel.

NYC I found our solution for green juice. The answer is in ALOHA

WHAT IS ALOHA? Aloha is a company that creates good-for-you organic whole food powder with over 10 nutrient-rich ingredients like spinach, spirulina, wild blueberries and coconut water packed into one convenient little pouch. That’s right, #instajuice. 

WHEN WOULD YOU USE THESE DAILY GOOD JUICE PACKETS? Here are a few thoughts that come to mind…

  • If you just finished your workout and need a refreshment… rip open a packet.
  • At work and don’t have time to wait in line for a green juice? Just add water.
  • Out of the country and no where near a soulcycle? Toss a few packets in your luggage.

LML OPINION: I just flew to Milan and knew they wouldn’t have a Juice Press, Organic Avenue, Blue Print Cleanse or Liquiteria within countries. With very little planning, I threw 30 packets of The Daily Good by ALOHA into my luggage and had one for breakfast every morning. They travel well, aren’t an issue with customs, affordable and are made of quality ingredients! All I had to do was add water (coconut water would’ve been preferable, but Italy is a little slow on the times).

FREE TRIAL: In the spirit of healthy habits for 2014, ALOHA is launching a free 7-day trial of The Daily Good, a dried green juice, available during the month of January at

  • Limit one per person for new customers only.
  • $5 standard economy shipping not included in free offer.
  • Customers will receive order two weeks after submitting order.
  • Offer available through January 31st, or until supplies last.

*** Please note ALOHA gave me a free sample but these opinion are my own, let me know if you try ALOHA and what you think about it!

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