WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS. Marc Forgione. Taquitos. Wontons.


“You say tortellini, I say wontons.”  – Justine Ma, Little Miss Local

If you’re new to the site, Little Miss Local is a blog that focuses on my everyday life in NYC, and a majority of my life revolves around chefs, food and even more food. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Justine and slightly skinnier than what you’re envisioning, so follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter for live updates on what I’m eating and which celebrity chef I’m speaking to!

1) I just moved into a new apartment and finally got internet, hooray! Still missing things like a full-length mirror so I’m still using my iPhone to see what’s going on from head to toe… and @ModernClueless says I’m not the only one.

2) Remember that cute Gramercy Tavern Apple Crisp recipe from Chef Mike Anthony? Well I bought apples from the greenmarket after work and baked the apple crisp. Paid $11.50 ($1.50/lb) and could’ve easily served 12 portions from my cast iron pan. Checkout the photos on instagram and id you want some, there’s leftovers in my freezer.

3) Met with Marc Forgione for work before he left for SOBEWFF. All of my industry friends are in Miami for the event and I’m sad that I’m missing out on the fun! Are you there too?

4) Took a friend to my yoga class, and I may or may not have traumatized him. His name may or may not rhyme with Merry Befferman.

5) Somehow convinced my friends to leave happy hour on a Friday night to get taquitos from Taquitoria for a pre-dinner snack. Power of persuasion.

6) Made homemade wontons with Mama Ma (my Mom) and I loved every single bite. Normally they’re made with pork but cooked pork doesn’t sit well with my stomach. However, cured pork like bacon is not a problem- phew.

7) I’m proud to annouce that I set up Bow-Tie-Books.com as an extension of #LML to share posts that focus solely on FOOD EDUCATION! I’ll be writing a children’s book this year and you can learn more about that at #BOWTIEBOOKS

Wishing everyone a happy weekend and I look forward to sharing my weekly highlights every Saturday with you! xoxo Justine


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