WEEKLY POST. JBF and a Big Fat Greek Bridal Shower.


Brr. So glad this NYC winter is somewhat going away (even though it still left us with piles of snow and ice and then some). After a quick trip home to NJ, I got back to the daily grind in the culinary industry while making some some fierce moves for my childrens book.

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1) Going home is a rarity for me. And after making time to squeeze in a short trip, I have advice for myself: Make time to go home, recharge and spend it with the ones you love. Even if it’s for one night. So happy I made the time to celebrate my best friends BIG FAT GREEK BRIDAL SHOWER.

2) I built a shelf from IKEA. Well I tried. And had a lot of help. Then I bought lots of containers from OXO to fill the shelves. Gotta love IKEA and COSTCO.

3) Spoke to Mitchell Davis of the James Beard Foundation (JBF) about my upcoming children’s book and he was excited to support my message of food education! More on that in the future. #BOWTIEBOOKS

4) For now, there’s a Kids Food Fest sponsored by JBF all weekend in Bryant Park… will squeeze that into my schedule, you coming on Saturday? #BOWTIEBOOKS

5) Spoke with Wellness in the Schools Founder Nancy Easton and we have plans to collaborate in the future… very excited about this! #BOWTIEBOOKS

6) Spent a morning at Gramercy Tavern making Shepards Pie with kids and then they taught me about table manners. #BOWTIEBOOKS

7) Got my sweat on with this lady. Finally. Ride with Erin T.

8) Volunteered to sell a raffle, met a ton of amazing people during dinner and raised over $800.00 in two hours for the Beard Foundation. Oh and when I wasn’t chatting, I ate all of this

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