PIE PARTY 2014. The pies brought all the boys to the yard.


Pie Party happened and it was delicious. Rockstar blogger Jackie Gordon and her pie partner Ken Leung hosted the Annual Pie Party at GE Monogram on Thursday night… and it was kind of a big deal.

I mean, I actually took the day off from work just to make pie with Mama Ma… as in, I went to NJ and watched Mama Ma make pie dough. Can you say dedication?

When I arrived at the event, there were pies everywhere. Every inch of marble counter space was covered with Pie. Some homemade, some store bought. It was a beautiful sight.

But before I could set up my homemade pie, I was instructed to walk infront of the step and repeat to pose with my masterpiece.

She’s a beauty isn’t she? I named my pie YUM! because I figured everyone knew it was made with apples, almond cream and a homemade crust… I mean, obvi.

And then I just went to town meeting the Pie Party sponsors and posed with all of their swag. I even branded myself. Check it.

As for the food… I was planning to avoid excess sugars and gluten but that idea went out the window REAL quick. Therefore I partook in the gluttony and enjoyed both sweet and savory pies.

I mean, there were 100 bloggers. 100 pies. 60% Sweet. 40% Savory. No pie was left untouched.

OVERALL: Personally I was impressed with every pie that was brought to the event. Did I have a few favorites? Absolutely. Do I know who baked them? Absolutely not. I was gorging my face with pie like I was a pie eating contestant at a county fair. Check the list of pies that were made here and all of the sponsors that made #PiePartyGE 2014 so much fun!

Big thanks to @KERRYGOLDUSA for the unsalted butter, @OXO for the kitchen supplies, @DUBPIES for bringing NYC a taste of New Zealand, @ANOLON for giving us a pie pan in our swag bag, and @WUSTOF for constantly being amazing and creating quality products. #PIEPARTYGE #YEAHH #thatsawrap

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  • Colleen (Souffle Bombay)

    It was really fun (and delicious)…wasn’t it?? SO many delicious and creative pies! I thought your tart was beautiful – loved the shape of it…I have to get a pan like that! Cheers to the next Pie Party!!

    • littlemisslocal

      Thanks Colleen, it was such a great event! Remind me, which pie of yours did I devour?

      SO looking forward to next year, but I hope we can organize a mini pie party reunion before then! See you at the next event??