WUSTHOF. NYC appreciates the Tri-Stone Whetstone.


You know when you have a pile full of dirty clothes and you rather buy more clothes instead of doing a load of laundry? That’s how I feel about knives, except really good knives cost a lot of money… and I really love my knives.

Simple solution? Sharpen them. Wusthof basically created the perfect Tri-Stone Whetstone in ONE handy piece. Yes, you heard that correctly. Three stones in one. And yes, I definitely think they created this for New Yorkers. It’s compact. It’s affordable. It’s effective. It’s WUSTHOF.



  • Three stones in one: COARSE (240 grit), MEDIUM (1000 grit), FINE (3000 grit)
  • Takes up the same amount of room as a stapler
  • It’s $50.00 – pretty much the perfect gift for ANY occasion because who doesn’t need a whetstone? EXACTLY.


  • Keep the stone wet at all times and have a bowl of water large enough to dip the stone in… that thing should feel like a whale just washed up on the shore
  • Place a wet cloth or base to stabilize the stone
  • Hold the knife on a 10-12 degree angle for Japanese knives, 15-20 for German knives…
  • Keep a firm grip and apply pressure
  • Start with the heel of the knife and glide it all the way to tip…
  • What you do to one side, do to the other, start with 4-5 strokes then flip the blade over
  • Hone your knife with a steel after you’re finished sharpening

OVERALL: If you’ve taken the time to purchase a grown-up knife (meaning you’ve spent at least $100.00 on a chefs knife) and cook more than once in your own kitchen… it is absolutely necessary to own this tri-stone whetstone. Like, not even joking.

Great price point, works well and doesn’t take up a lot of room (for those of us who have closets for kitchens). And I wasn’t joking about this as the best gift ever. It’s pretty much the perfect present for any occasion.

  • Moving into a new apartment? Whetstone.
  • Birthday? Whetsone.
  • Getting married? Whetsone.

I mean, Wusthof couldn’t have made it any simplier for you. At $50.00 this is a gift that keeps on giving. Make a tiny investment that’ll payoff for years. You’re welcome. 

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