BLIND BARBER BROOKLYN. The every kind of date spot.


I get asked a lot of questions about where to go for

  • the perfect first date,
  • the perfect bestie spot,
  • the perfect wifi friendly work space,
  • the perfect we haven’t seen each other in a long time reunion,
  • the perfect place when you’re feeling homesick,
  • the perfect I don’t want to spend a lot of money because I live in NY and I’m almost broke, no wait I’m totally broke spot…

AND I’m happy to say that I finally have an answer for all of you.

Blind Barber Brooklyn. Blind Barber is the newest cafe in Brooklyn. Located on the same street as the Lorimer stop on the L Train (literally two stops into Brooklyn on the L train and two blocks away from the subway on foot), which is significantly easier to commute to than most areas in Manhattan- I kid you not, google map it.

THE BLIND BARBER CAFE: The cafe front is a cozy coffee shop that offers some of the best local brands in the neighborhood like Stumptown coffee, DOUGH doughnuts and a cafe style menu created by LA Chef Ted Hirsh. OH! and did I mention that there are a slew of sexy Brooklyn boys behind the bar who can make a great espresso and an even better cocktail? Yes, that’s available in the Brooklyn location too.

You can sit at the bar or you can camp out at a table with your laptop while sipping on your cocktail. I mean who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Certainly not me.

WHATS ON THE MENU: Blind Barber Brooklyn serves killer grilled cheese sandwiches (like OMG good), tasty tacos, hearty soups, and healthy bites such as quinoa bowls, kale salads and grilled veggies. And no matter what you do, regardless of what time of the day or night it is, you absolutely, positively have to order the DOUGH doughnut icecream sandwich. You WILL thank me later.

ENTERTAINMENT: If the menu wasn’t enough to lure you into Blind Barber Brooklyn, then come for the live DJ on Friday nights, the complimentary mimosas during Saturday Brunch or even more music on Saturday night. I mean, regardless of the day/night you stop by, it’ll be a #winwin situation. Cute boys, good food, creative cocktails and a cozy atmosphere… what more could you want?

Oh you want a little TLC? Done. Blind Barber also has a full service barbershop behind the cafe. You can learn a little more about the barbershop here and here.

… wait you didn’t know that the first Blind Barber opened in the East Village in 2011? And you didn’t know they built a second location in Los Angeles in 2012? And you didn’t know their haircare line in sold at Barneys? Blind Barber is kind of a big deal. Good thing you found out about Brooklyn location first because this is baby #3 and they just opened in April 2014! #aheadofthegame


OVERALL: This is the spot of spots. You may be thinking Brooklyn is too hipster or perhaps you’re thinking that it’s outside of your city radius, BUT it’s not (and I know you’re thinking all of this because I was thinking all of this). HOWEVER, if you don’t believe me, prove me wrong and tell me you don’t love Blind Barber Brooklyn after your first, second, third and hundredth visit. Just sit down, order a grilled cheese and enjoy the T.L.C. from the Blind Barber staff.

Looking forward to hearing how this is the perfect first date, the perfect bestie spot, the perfect wifi friendly work space, the perfect we haven’t seen each other in a long time reunion, the perfect place when you’re feeling homesick, and the perfect I don’t want to spend a lot of money because I live in NY. Have fun kids!

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