EATING LONDON FOOD TOURS. I ate surprisingly well in the UK.


For those of you who don’t know me, sometimes I leave the country without any notice to taste different cuisines around the world. So this time, I went to England to check out the local food scene in the East End of London.

SIDENOTE: I’ve been to London once before and wasn’t really impressed with the fancy, over-priced restaurant food, so I reached out to local professionals who actually know what they’re talking about… and I’m happy to report that I ate really well in London. Like, really well.

Thanks to Nicole of Eating London Food Tours, in a small group of 8, we walked the cobblestone streets of Brick Lane, indulged in a few delectable bites and got educated on the local street art… yes, I even saw a Banksy!

YES, SIGN UP FOR THE EATING LONDON FOOD TOUR: To be completely honest, I was dreading the London food scene. My last visit to London was three years ago and the best thing I ate was a plate of Eggs, Bacon, Beans and Fries (and don’t get me wrong, it was a yummy English Breakfast but I don’t eat that like that anymore and I had no idea what else London had to offer). I mean, I’ve heard how good they fry fish and chips, and I also know they have a massive following for curries on Brick Lane; however, I had no idea where to start eating.

SO! If you’re a passionate eater like myself, allow Eating London Food Tours to save you the headache. They’ll tour you around the East End (basically the Williamsburg of NY… the cool, hipster, artsy area), fill your bellies with local eats, and educate you on the local scene. Seriously, it’s a win-win situation.

THE FOOD: As a professional eater in NYC, I will be completely honest when I tell you that my expectations were not high for the London Food scene. I expected to take one tiny taste of everything and then move onto the next location… however that all changed as soon as we stopped at our first location. One piece of bacon turned into two, one bite of bread and butter pudding turned into… GONE. The portions are extremely generous and you will not be hungry by the end of the tour.

Personal Favorites included:

  • St Johns Bacon
  • Poppies Fish & Chips
  • The English Restaurants Bread and Butter Pudding
  • Androuet, a small cheese shop that works with local farmers in the Old Spitafields market

THE TOUR: Broken up into strategic eating, art, and history breaks, this eight stop tasting tour was loaded full of information in a fun, playful manner. Adults of all ages were able to devour their portions while keeping up with all of the historical perks of London’s East End. Each stop offered a tasty bite, ample amounts of time to recooperate from a short walk, and bathroom/water breaks if needed.

TOUR GUIDES: Prior to the tour, I read a bunch of reviews on TripAdvisor and noticed that the Eating London Food Tour guides receive top ratings, so I wasn’t really surprised how inviting Nicole was when I met her on a Monday morning in the Old Spitafields Market! Luckily for me, Nicole is the one who created the tour, created relationships with the local owners and researched all of the history in the area. I mean, could I have had it any better?

OVERALL: Completely impressed. I’m so happy I participated in the Food and Walking Tour at the start of my trip so I could explore the food communities with a local pro early on (and later on my own). I highly recommend signing up for the Eating London Food Tour if you’re looking for the right people to show you the best spots to eat in the East End of London.

EATING LONDON FOOD TOUR INFORMATION: Tours are £65 for adults, £50 for adolescents (13-18 years), and £40 for kids (under 13 years). In my personal opinion, I think this tour is well-priced considering the tasting menu, the portions, the guided tour and educational information. And I promise, it’s not the hard cider talking… see above.

PS: If you’re not in London, reach out to Eating Europe Food Tours because they have food and walking tours available in Amsterdam, Prague, and Rome (remember when I visited Testaccio?). Have fun kids! xo LML

BIG THANK YOU to Eating London Food Tours for inviting me to participate in the Food & Walking Tour in London’s East End! I had an absolute blast and cannot wait for all my foodies to visit you!


Please note, all opinions are mine and were not sponsored by Eating London Food Tours.

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