All summer I’ve wanted to try Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and it never happened. It just didn’t happen. So you could only imagine my excitement when I was invite to Pure Yoga West to test out the Indo Yoga Class that they designed to reflect SUP.

Seriously, NYC has everything, EVERYTHING!

WAIT, WHAT’S INDO YOGA? “This class is an hour of muscle strengthening and development while using traditional and non-traditional yoga moves to transform your body. Inspired by Stand Up Paddle-boarding, Indo Yoga Board aims to deliver even better results using SUP practices that expand the body’s capabilities during any traditional yoga practice.” — Pure Yoga West

GOT IT? Kinda. The Indo Yoga Board is made of cork and looks like a long skateboard with a half moon base (yes it wobbles side to side).

WAS IT HARD? If you’re not the best at balancing like myself, I found the challenge entertaining. Was it hard? Not particularly if you’re practicing yogi. I mean, we weren’t going into handstands on the Indo Yoga Board… but transitioning from peaceful warrior to chattarunga wasn’t a challenge at all. It’s a basic yoga class on an Indo Yoga Board, perfect for beginner yogis!

DID YOU SWEAT? The room was heated (mildly) and the flow was consistent so there was a tiny drop of sweat. I did notice some sore ab muscles the day after class which was nice but overall, I sweat a lot more in my normal level 2-3 vinyasa practice.

WOULD YOU GO AGAIN? Absolutely. Where else will I be able to practice SUP in the middle of winter? And btw, have you seen the studios at Pure Yoga West? I mean I didn’t even have to put down my own mat. SO LUX, SO SPA.  Thanks for the class Pure Yoga West!

PS: The class was covered by Pure Yoga West, but the opinions are all my own.

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