SPRING HAS SPRUNG // thank gawd i love new york


Bruttle. New Yorkers survived yet another ridiculous winter in NYC and I’m so grateful for it to be over. I actually thought about relocating to LA and then I realized how much I’d miss NYC.

Instead I decided that I will do my best to avoid NYC during the months of January, February and March for the rest of my life (and any other cold areas). My body just can’t take it.

Ellen DeGeneres says she doesn’t leave the house unless the temperature is above her age and that my friends is genius. If you’re young enough to endure the cold, go for it.

With that said, if I plan to be in a sunny state of mind for the rest of my life, my body will have to acclimate to the changes. And by body I mean my eating habits.

SEASONAL ALLERGIES // I have seasonal allergies, yes, that’s a thing. When there’s grass or pollen, I sneeze, itch and cry from the pain (usually Spring, Summer, Fall). When it’s winter, it’s all good. To avoid allergy inflammation during warm weather months, I definitely have to avoid corn and chocolate during these months… my allergist said so.

ASTHMA TOO // In addition to corn and chocolate, I plan to eliminate cheese (noooooooo), yeast (noooooooo), and dairy (eh, whateveeer) because I have issues with asthma. Apparently dairy builds mucus and that doesn’t really help me when I can’t breathe.

THE STRUGGLE // I am some what prepared to take on the challenge of eliminating these ingredients from my diet. Key Word: Somewhat. For the past 5 years I’ve eliminated corn and chocolate for a majority of the year, and I think it’s time I just eliminate it completely. And this will be the first time I’m giving up yeast and cheese (which basically means pizza). If you haven’t noticed on my instagram feed, cheese is my source of happiness. Yes, the struggle is real but I know this is simply a lifestyle change. We live in a world full of options and I’ve come to terms with the fact that there are other flavors than chocolate. And I’m working on the cheese situation. I will not stoop to Daiya.

CANT BREATHE, CANT EAT // If you’re having trouble breathing, sneezing, coughing, etc. it might be time to visit an allergist. Yes it will involve getting pricked 30 times in your arm but it doesn’t take long. If your allergies are as bad as mine, it’ll be worth the visit. And please note, my allergies will not be the same as yours, so please do not base this post on your own sneezing, coughing, itching, etc. Just visit your doctor, GO.

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