FONDA FIESTA // mexican food in east vill, chelsea, park slope


When there’s guacamole, there’s a party.

Chef Roberto Santibañez created Fonda so New Yorkers could enjoy an affordable neighborhood spot that serves contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Fonda East Village 40 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009
(212) 677-4096

ENVIRONMENT //  SO MUCH FUN! From the papel picado on the ceiling (colorful paper cut outs) to hues of red on the walls, Fonda’s atmosphere is super vibrant and friendly. You can sit at the bar and surround yourself with people enjoying margaritas, sangrias, wines and cocktails. Or you can hang back at a table and people watch with a cocktail in hand.

SERVICE // Excellent. I was running late and my guest informed me that the host was incredibly welcoming at the East Village location. She sat at the bar with a Corona and chatted with the bartenders until I arrived. As soon as we sat down to eat, our waiter was able to make suggestions to accommodate corn/chocolate allergies.

*** Sidenote: I have a seasonal allergy to corn and the menu is heavily corn based. I understood that this could be a problem at a Mexican restaurant so I called ahead to let them know. Upon arrival, the GM confirmed my allergy and the waiter was aware of it as well.

***Most of the items I ordered come with some element of corn (tortillas, sides, etc) so I avoided it by having them put certain items on the side so my guest to enjoy them. Eliminating corn completely from the dish may be difficult for others with a more severe allergy.

FOOD // When I looked at the menu I was a little overwhelmed by all of the options; tacos, taquitos, enchiladas, tostadas- it all looked great. After a sangria or two, I decided to order the Fresh Guacamole (with vegetables instead of tortilla chips), Pollo Norteño, Carne Asada con Hongos (with all the toppings on the side), and a side of Plataños Fritos (plantains and cheese…because, YAAASSS)!!! The flavors were incredible. Made to order guac, cheesy plantains, filled to the brim chicken norteño, and a large platter of skirt steak with rice, mushrooms, and beans.

COST // Based on the portion-size and location, the dinner menus are super affordable for NYC. We didn’t even have room for dessert (will be back for that the next visit). With that said, the food is great and the portions are generous. If you want to get even more bang for your buck, try to get a seat during Happy Hour for food and drink specials!


OVERALL // If you’re looking for a cool spot to hang with friends, or you want to take someone on a fun date, Fonda is a great option. They have locations in the East Village, Chelsea, and Park Slope- great for small or large groups!

Definitely order the guac and if you’re a plantain lover like me, order those too. Fonda creates a bi-weekly special menu and the waiters let you know about those deals when you sit down. The best part about the specials? They create the menu based on your feedback! Yes, they actually read your comment cards… talk about hospitality!

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