SANTA MONICA FARMERS MARKET // fresh produce from california


I feel compelled to share.

For those of you who follow my instagram, I’m back from my LA trip! You may have seen the photos I posted from the Santa Monica Farmers Market- stunning right?

I mean, I had to go to the Santa Monica Farmers Market. I just had to.

So I woke up early and walked up, down and across the market. There were stands everywhere I looked. The market was full bloom- heirloom tomatoes, stone fruit, cactus leaves, turkey eggs (who knew you could eat turkey eggs? Not me.), chicken eggs, squash blossoms, peaches, raspberries, figs, raw milk, everything!

I knew I shouldn’t have gone there with cash. It was a mistake. I thought, oh I’ll bring some snacks for the plane. Oh I’ll buy some snacks for the day. Oh I’ll buy some snacks to bring back to NYC.

I bought a carton of figs, body butter (for sunburn), a single papaya, a carton of raspberries, and two cartons of strawberries. Trying carrying that on your back while riding a basket-less bike.

Some berries got crushed on the bike ride back, some berries made it into my stomach, but for the most part I just threw everything into an environsac because I was running late to a lunch date.

Just to give you an idea… I bought the berries at 8am and my flight wasn’t until midnight. After a full day of low-key sightseeing and a cross-country plane ride, I arrived in NYC with crushed berries. Most people would’ve thrown them away, but they were just too delicious (and costly to do so)! Instead I cut them up, and poured the juice into ice trays.


When in doubt, always make ice cubes, Cali fresh!!!



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