LIFE IN LOS ANGELES // local perks in the city of angels


Lets talk LA. When it was hella cold in NYC (I’m talking March, when it felt like zero below), I scheduled a trip to LA for late July, early August. Why? Well, I’m a member of the Society of Children’s Books Writers & Illustrators, and the organization hosts a major writing conference every summer in LA. I convinced myself that I needed to be there, so I booked the trip.

My only issue with scheduling a trip to LA was scheduling a trip to LA in the peak of summer. I thought, ‘why would I want to go to LA when it’s hot in New York and even hotter in California? Wouldn’t it make more sense to visit LA in February and NY in July (when everyone’s at the best and the city’s empty)? Why wouldn’t they organize it this way?’ Being the Type A person that I am, this logic was the only things that made sense to me until I flew into LA. Apparently, any day of the year is great in LA. Bastards.

Reasons why I love LA:

  1. It’s a city.
  2. There’s SoulCycle.
  3. The fitness community is amazinggg.
  4. The LA vibe is amazing- everyone is happy and chill.
  5. I have friends on the west coast; quite a few friends and good ones too.
  6. The food is great.
  7. I mean, really freakin’ great.
  8. The farmers markets are insane!!!!!!!!
  9. The beaches are beautiful, I could literally sit on a rock for hours and watch the waves.
  10. I saw dolphins near the shore in Santa Monica.
  11. It’s bathing suit weather… all the time.
  12. SURFERS.
  13. Compared to NYC, the rent is SO affordable!!!!!!
  14. As for transportation… I could rely on uber anytime, anywhere.
  15. I could literally walk around without a bra in public and that wouldn’t be an issue for anyone (except me).
  16. And if some things weren’t in walking distance, I could ride a bike alongside moving vehicles sans panic attack.
  17. Everyone has a medical marijuana card and it’s not even a thing.
  18. BUGS ARE NON-EXISTENT. I bought organic bug spray for nothingggg and was happy about it.
  19. I literally fit into the LA scene better than some of my friends who’ve lived there for over 6 years.
  20. And did I mention that I could pay half as much rent for an apt in LA that is 2x bigger than my apartment in NYC?

LOS ANGELES VS. NYC // I can definitely see myself in LA one day, but I absolutely love being in NYC. When I’m in NYC, I understand the people, the culture, the pace, and the vibe of the city… it’s like an unspoken language- an inner circle. Yeah, we move really quickly, we talk really fast, and we’re too direct for most; but I really like that about New York. And even though the city changes often, understanding the pulse is an unspoken privilege.


OVERALL // Who knows what the future will bring- maybe I could live bi-coastally… I definitely wouldn’t mind a full year of spring/fall when the weather gets cold on the east coast… which would you choose- LA or NYC?

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