LOLË WHITE TOUR // ten thousand yogis in central park


LOLË is an activewear company and they hosted a worldwide tour for yogis! #LOLEWHITETOUR events were held in NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, PARIS, MONTREAL, TORONTO. I attended the NYC event on September 2, 2015! Cambodia is happening in 2016… in Angkor Wat!

HOW DID IT WORK? Regular entry was complimentary and tickets were distributed through a lottery system. If you wanted a “VIP” experience, you paid a nominal fee to skip the lines and to get a seat towards the front stage (but most participants were there on a complimentary basis). In exchange for this amazing event, LOLË requested all participants to wear white- think Diner en Blanc for yogis, but instead of tables and chairs, LOLË provided yellow yoga mats.

HOW MANY PEOPLE ATTENDED? In NYC, 10,000 yogis attended the event! Around the world, I think there’s a million of us total. I thought the event would be chaotic given the amount of people who RSVP’ed yes on facebook, but the event was extremely organized and there was plenty space for all of us to sweat together in Central Park.

WHO LED THE YOGA PRACTICE? In NYC, Elena Brower, Colleen Saidman, and Rodney Yee shared a 1-hour practice by dividing it into 3 parts. When the teachers began, Elena Brower led a rolling OMs… it felt peaceful. Rodney Yee had us go into a lot of forward bends, warrors and chattarungas, And Colleen Saidman finished the practice with more forward bends and words of inspiration.

WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF THE WHITE TOUR? LOLË wanted to spread inner peace and wellness around the world. White clothing represents purity.

WHAT WERE YOUR EXPECTATIONS? To be honest, I didn’t realize the impact of the event until it was over. I debated whether or not I even wanted to go based on the fact that my white pants were completely see thru. However, I solved the problem by wrapping a jacket around my butt and hopped onto the train to the Upper West Side.

When I exited the subway I started to see people dressed in white, and I felt as if we were all in on the same secret. I knew something great was about to happen as we followed the crowd into the park. Once we got our hands stamped, we joined 10,000 yogis on the Great Lawn in Central Park (which is enough space to host 6 baseball fields). Needless to say, we all had room to unroll out mats.

As we walked the long aisle towards the front of the stage, I saw rows and rows of yellow mats, but I didn’t realize that we had formed rectangles across the entire lawn (see photo above- human view vs birds eye view). It was pretty phenomenal.


  • SPONSORS! LOLË, Whole Foods NYC, FIJI Water, Yoga Journal
  • VOLUNTEERS! Amazing. You could see how much work went into setting up the mats, welcoming guests, assisting participants with modifications, and clean up; maha gratitude!
  • SWAG BAGS! Fiji Water (and a little sticker light that made the bottle glow during the concert) and LOLË headbands
  • LOCATION! Even though it was a hot day, the temperature cooled down and it felt great to do yoga on the grass in the park.
  • CONVENIENCE! They provided yoga mats and you could take them with you as a souvenir
  • NYC MOMENT! It was definitely a NY MOMENT – kind of similiar to the New Years Eve Ball Drop (except that it’s not as cold, chaotic or crowded but)… LOLË was definitely one of those moments that remind you how much you love New York.


Only suggestion for all sports apparel businesses… in the future, lets try to focus on making better white activewear with liners… I know my pants were see thru too. Thank you in advance :X

Maybe I’ll see you in Cambodia…


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